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Episode begins with Gungun hears Radha’s voice. Mohan asks Radha that what happened. Radha tells him that Gungun is inside the borehole. Everyone gets shocked hearing her. Kadambari asks Radha that if the latter can see Gungun. Radha shook her head. She says that her heart says that Gungun is inside borehole only. She adds that even cow stopped there. Mohan asks for rope. They notices blood and gets shocked.

On the other hand, Damini asks Hriday that what he did with Gungun. He asks her that why she called him there for meeting. He says that he checked the whole house but no camera and microphone exists. He asks her that if there is ghost in the house. She asks him to say that what he did with Gungun. He asks her to not worry about Gungun because he handled Gungun. He says that she should be happy that he is taking Radha too with him. She reminds him that Gungun is Mohan’s daughter. She says that Mohan will find Gungun no matter what. Latha asks Hriday that if he killed Gungun.

They hears Mohan and others voice. Damini says that looks like they found Gungun. Hriday tells her that there is a possibility that they found Gungun’s dead body. Damini gets worried hearing him. Kaveri tells her that she will go and check and leaves from there. Damini asks Hriday that if he really killed Gungun. Hriday tells her that he don’t expect thanks from her. He adds that he won’t ask extra money for it.

Mohan and Radha asks Gungun to say something. Dulari tells Sundari that Gungun fell into the borehole. Tulsi’s spirit gets shocked hearing her. She tries to leave the house but fails. Meanwhile, Kaveri asks God that why he snatched Gungun from them. Radha asks her to not say like that because Gungun is fine. She asks Mohan to not lose hope. Mohan says that he is helpless now. She tells him that nothing will happen to Gungun. She says that his love will give courage to Gungun. She asks Gungun to say something.

Tulsi’s spirit moves the sofa. She asks Gungun that if the latter can hear her voice. She pleads her to say something. Mohan also asks Gungun to say something. Gungun sees Radha. She screams Radha’s name. Everyone gets relieved hearing her. Tulsi’s spirit also gets relieved hearing Gungun. Radha and Mohan asks Gungun to not worry. Mohan tells Gungun that he will save her. He tries to jump but others stops him. Shekhar tells him that he already called rescue team. Radha asks Mohan to calm down. Mohan asks Gungun to not lose hope and stay strong.

Kaveri tells Damini that Gungun is fine. Damini wonders that what will happen if Gungun reveals Hriday’s truth. Hriday says that Gungun won’t survive. She tells him that Radha and Mohan will save Gungun at any cost. Kaveri takes her from there.

Kadambari asks Gungun to not get scared. Shekhar tells Mohan that street is so small so rescue team’s truck can’t come there. Rescue team members comes there. Rescue team head Ashish introduces himself to Mohan. He promises to Mohan that he will rescue Gungun. Mohan tells him that he want to go inside borehole. Ashish tells him that the latter can’t do that because that’s danger for Gungun.

Episode ends.