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Episode begins with Radhika asks Police inspector to release Mohan. Police inspector tells Radhika that she is weird that’s why she gave complain against Mohan first and now she is asking him to release Mohan. Mohan asks Police inspector that whether Radhika gave against him. Police inspector nods at Mohan.

Radhika accepts that she gave complain against Mohan. She recalls that how she called police inspector when Mohan was telling the story. Police inspector scolds her for wasting his time. She tells sorry to him. She says that she don’t want Mohan’s family to suffer because of Mohan’s mistake. Police releases Mohan and leaves from there.

Mohan is about to fall down but Radhika holds him. They shares an eye lock. She tells him that this time she saved him but next time she will make sure he ends up in jail. She warns him to stay away from her and her family. He tells her that he will tell her truth to Yug. She gets angry and yells at him.

On the other hand, Yug asks Poonam that what she told Radhika to hide from him. Poonam tells him that nothing. He tells her that she can’t act in front of him. He says that he want truth, not lie. She asks him to trust her.

Radhika tells Mohan that he used to keep his promises. She asks him that whether his that quality also changed. She says that she if Mohan told the truth to Yug then Mohan will lose all respect. She warns Trivedis to not try to ruin her family. Ajeet tells Mohan that they should go to house. Ajeet helps Mohan to sit in the car. Mohan tells Gungun that Radha is cheater. He murmurs that Radha is cheater.

Ketki tells Radhika that she want to keep Mohan away from the latter but she could not. She blames Radhika for Mohan’s condition. She says that Mohan is heartbroken because of Radhika. Radhika asks Ketki to have shame. She tells Ketki that the latter started blaming others like her family. She says that she left Mohan for her self respect. And says that she can move on in her life. She adds that Mohan can do whatever he wants to do but he wants him to stay away from her family. She tells Ketki that Mohan is responsible for his condition. She leaves from there. Mohan hears everything.

Yug tells Poonam to stand on the treadmill. He increases the speed. Poonam asks him that what is he doing. He asks her to remember what she told to Radhika.

Radhika asks Lord Krishna that why he put her in this situation. She says that she never stopped loving Mohan even though he broke her trust. She adds that she can’t leave Yug for Mohan. She cries.

Episode ends.