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Episode begins with Damini tells Mohan that her leg is paining so she can’t walk. So Mohan carries Damini. Radha gets angry seeing this. She tells herself that Mohan is going overboard. They notices the chandelier. Ketki asks how chandelier fell down.

Kaveri treats her hand injury. Mohan gives water to Damini. Damini tells him that no one likes her and she is not feeling safe. She says that tomorrow something else may happen. Mohan tells her that it was an accident because that’s an old chandelier. He asks her to not worry because he is with her. She tells him that she can die if she has his support then. He scolds her for talking about death. He tells her to take rest. He helps her to lay down on the bed and leaves from there.

Kaveri tells Damini that it’s hard to believe that Mohan had been changed like this. Damini tells Kaveri that she will make Mohan hers. Kaveri asks her that if the latter is behind chandelier. Damini tells her that she is not mad to do that. Kaveri asks her that who did that.

Mohan asks Radha that how can the latter try to kill Damini. He reminds her that their plan is not killing Damini. Radha asks him that how can he think like this. She says that she won’t stoop like Damini. She adds that Damini is her enemy but that’s not mean she will kill Damini. He says that it was not an accident. He wonders that who is behind this. She suspects Tulsi for chandelier attack.

Damini tells Kaveri that they trapped Tulsi so Radha is behind the attack. She says that she will kill Radha like how she killed Tulsi. Kaveri asks her to not talk about murder openly.

Kadambari treats her hand injury. Radha asks her that what happened to her hand. Kadambari says that she cut her hand by mistake while cutting fruits. Radha treats Kadambari’s injury. She says that she could not contact Tulsi. Kadambari orders her to not take Tulsi’s name in the home. She says that Tulsi wanted Gungun to get good mother and now Gungun has Radha so there is a possibility that Tulsi left. She leaves from there. Radha wonders that why Kadambari is behaving like this.

Next day, Mohan tells Radha that he will punish Damini. Radha tells him that that will happen. Kaveri wonders from where bad smell coming. She sees a crow sitting on the window. Mohan takes Damini to house temple. Ketki is about to opppose Mohan but Kadambari stops the former. They waits for Radha to perform puja. Radha comes there. Damini asks them to wait for Kaveri. Radha tells her that they won’t wait because Kaveri don’t matter for her. Mohan tells her that Kaveri is part of their family so they will wait. Meanwhile, Kaveri tells crow to go away. She screams. Everyone hears this.

Episode ends.