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Episode begins with Poonam asks Yug to stop else she will die. Champi barks at Yug. Radhika hears Champi’s barking sound and goes to them. She sees Poonam struggling to breathe and Yug is on treadmill. She sends Champi from there. She asks Yug that why he is doing work out at this time. Yug goes to Poonam and tells her that she should not go extreme level.

Radhika asks Poonam that whether she should call the Doctor. Yug says that no need of that. Poonam says that she will be fine after drinking water and goes inside. Yug asks Radhika that where she went. He tells her that she is hiding something from him. Radhika tells him that she went to take fresh air. She asks him to not worry about her so much because she can take care of herself and goes inside.

On the other hand, Trivedis puts Mohan on the bed. Mohan tells them that Radha is cheater and she did wrong with him. Ketki asks him to sleep. He tells her that Radha lied to him. Ketki asks Gungun to go and sleep. They leaves from Mohan’s room.

Radhika recalls that how she lashed out at Mohan. She could not sleep. She tells Lord Krishna that she is giving pain to Mohan deliberately. She says that she learnt to live without Mohan so she want him to live without her. She asks Lord Krishna to make sure Mohan hate her. She hears Mohan’s voice and leaves from there. She sees Mohan from her balcony.

Drunk Mohan asks Radha that why she left him. Radhika thinks that she can’t see Mohan like this. She goes to him and holds him before he falls down. Mohan gets happy seeing her. He tells her that he know she will come. She asks him that how can he drink alcohol. She reminds him that alcohol ruined his family. She tells him that it will affect Gungun and Sargam badly. She tells him that love is not everything. He hugs her.

He tells her that he loves her so much. He asks her that how can she move on when he waited for her. He apologises to her for not trusting her. He asks her to punish him but not like this. She thinks that she is not punishing him and she don’t have any other choice. She hugs him. Then she pushes him. He pleads her to not leave him. She tells him that they can’t reunite no matter what and their path is different. She runs from there.

Ketki and Ajeet takes Mohan inside the house. Gungun notices Radhika’s nuptial chain outside her house. Yug sees Radhika entering the house. He thinks that Radhika won’t tell the truth to him even if he asks her. He calls detective and asks about information. Detective tells Yug that the latter will get the report tomorrow and disconnects the call. Yug sees Radha’s name in the Bhagavat Gita. He recalls that how Ketki asked Radha to come out. He wonders what’s the connection between Radhika and Radha.

Next day, Poonam tells Radhika that Yug doubts the latter. Radhika asks Poonam to not worry. She says that she is Yug’s wife and Manan is their son. She adds that she won’t let Yug learn anything. They hears dhol sound and goes out. They sees Mohan dancing in groom outfit. Radhika and Gungun gets shocked seeing this.

Episode ends.