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Episode begins with dressed as groom, Mohan dances in front of Yug house. Ketki asks Mohan that what is he doing. Then she asks him that why this baraat. Mohan tells her to stop questioning him and dance with him. Poonam asks Radhika that whether Mohan brought this baraat for the latter. Meera tells Mohan that this is too much so she is leaving. Mohan asks her to not go. Manan joins Mohan and Sargam. Radhika gets worried seeing this. Kadambari wonders what is Mohan’s plan.

Poonam asks Radhika to stop Mohan before Yug learns about it. Yug comes there and asks why Mohan’s baraat is coming towards his house. Pari says that Mohan is coming for her. Radhika goes to Mohan and tells him to stop it. But Mohan dances around her. She breaks the plant. Mohan stops dancing. Ketki sends dhol people from there. Radhika tells Manan to go inside. Sargam says that she was enjoying. Radhika tells Garv to take Manan inside. Ketki sends Sargam inside.

Yug asks Mohan that what drama is this. Mohan tells Yug that it’s his baraat for his wife. Radhika gets shocked hearing this. Yug asks Mohan to talk by looking at him. Mohan tells Yug that he brought baraat for his wife Radha. Yug tells Mohan that Radha don’t live in his house. Mohan tells Yug that Radha is living in Yug’s house and she is taking care of Yug’s family from the last 7 years. Trivedis and Radhika gets shocked hearing this.

Yug asks Mohan that what nonsense is this. Mohan tells Yug that Radhika is his wife Radha. Yug gets angry hearing this. He holds Mohan’s collar and scolds Mohan. Mohan tells Yug that he told the truth only. He says that he did not divorce Radha yet so her marriage with Yug is illegal. He tells Yug that the latter should have learnt Radhika’s past before marrying her. Pari asks Mohan that whether he talked about Radhika yesterday. Neighbors gossips about it.

Yug asks Radhika that whether this is true. Radhika remains silent. He asks her to answer him. She tells him that she is Radha and Mohan was her husband. Yug gets shocked hearing this. She tells him that he deserves to know the truth. She says that she loved Mohan since childhood. She tells him that she learnt that Gungun hate Mohan so she reunited father and daughter.

She says that she became Gungun’s mother and she treated Mohan’s family like her family. She reveals that she married Mohan but he did not respect her and their relationship. She tells Yug that Mohan never trusted her and Mohan broke all the promises he gave to her. She adds that Mohan left her when she needed him the most that’s why she cut off all ties with Mohan and his family. She tells him that she met him and he taught her to trust her but Mohan ruined everything.

Episode ends.