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Episode begins with Radhika tells Yug that  she did not want to break his heart that’s why she hided her past from him. Mohan claps. He says that Radha said the truth. He tells Yug that he could not move on in his life even though Meera loved him, but Radha moved on in her life easily. He says that nowadays people treats love like clothes. Radhika slaps him. She warns him to shut up. She asks him that who gave him rights to talk about her character. He tells her that he has rights on her and he won’t slap her because he don’t slap woman. He says that Radha is changed, not him.

She accepts that she has been changed. She asks him that whether he thought no one will give her respect except him. She asks him that whether he expected her to chant his name always. She says that Lord Krishna gave her another chance and accepted it. She tells Mohan that Yug gave her love and respect which the latter failed to give her. She tells Yug that she never wanted to see Mohan again.

She tells Mohan that he must be happy after telling the past to her husband. She asks Mohan that whether he  thought she will go with him if he brought baraat. Mohan tells her that he came to free her from the relationship. She gets shocked hearing this. He tells her that he waited for her till yesterday but now everything is over in between them. He says that Radha and Mohan’s relationship is over. He reveals that he brought baraat for his and Radha’s divorce. He gives divorce papers to Radha. Kadambari gets happy seeing this. 

Mohan asks Radha to sign on the divorce papers and free him from this relationship. He asks her that whether she want two man. Yug scolds Mohan for talking like that. Radhika tells Mohan to leave from there. Mohan tells her that he will leave once she signs on the divorce papers. Radhika recalls the moments she spent with Mohan. She asks Mohan to call her as Radhika Kohli. She tells him that he don’t have any relationship with her. And she tears the divorce papers. Everyone gets shocked seeing this.

Radhika tells Mohan to not come in front of her again. Mohan tells her that she has to see him every day because he won’t sell his house. He asks her to leave from there if she want to escape from problems then. He tells her that she saw his love and she will see his hatred from now on. He says that he is Mohan 2.0 now. Radhika says that she knew Mohan will do something like this. She tells Yug that they should not get affected with Mohan. She goes inside along with her family. 

Episode ends.