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Episode begins with Pari says that she can’t believe Radhika was Mohan’s wife. Poonam says that Mohan has no idea what wrong he did. She murmurs that Mohan’s mistake can kill many people. 

On the other hand, Gungun asks Mohan that why he did all that. Ketki asks Mohan that what’s the need to do all that. She says that they got insulted in front of colony. Ajeet tells Mohan that Radha told the latter to not do that. Mohan says that he did that because Radha told him to not do. And says that he won’t let Radha breathe peacefully. He adds that Radha will see the new Mohan. Gungun tells him that Radha did not betray him. Mohan gets shocked hearing this. 

Yug recalls the moments which involves Radhika and Mohan. He also recalls that how Mohan said Radhika is Radha. He hurts his hand in anger. He says that he will kill Mohan and he won’t let Radhika go anywhere. 

Gungun tells Mohan that they forced Radha to leave them. She says that Radha choosed self-respect and they betrayed Radha. And says that everything was their mistake. Mohan tells her that he know she will take Radha’s side always. He says that Gungun will choose Radha in between him and Radha. She tells him that he is right. She says that they did wrong with Radha. He tells her that Radha cut off all ties with them and Radha moved on in her life so why they are fighting for Radha. She tells him that Radha is her mother forever. She says that Manan is her brother because he is Radha’s son. She asks him to not trouble Radha. 

Radhika goes to Yug. Yug asks her that why she played with his emotions when she know how much he loved her. She tells him that she tried to tell her past to him but he stopped her. She says that Mohan is her past and Yug is her present. She tells him that she did not want to meet Mohan again. She says that she tried to send Mohan from there but she failed. She tells him that she hided everything from him to not hurt him.

He tells her that Manan is Mohan’s son. She tells him that Mohan should not know about it. She says that Mohan will snatch Manan from her. He tells her that he loves her and no one can separate him from her. He says that he can’t live without Radhika and Manan. He hurts his hand. She tells him that she will bring first aid box. She treats Yug’s wound. She thinks that she can’t let her past affect her present. She hugs him. 

Mohan asks Gungun that whether she will leave him if he did anything wrong then. He says that Gungun won’t leave him but Radha did. He tells her that he will give pain to Radha and he won’t listen anyone. 

Episode ends.