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Episode begins with Damini asks Radha to promise on God to prove that the latter did not kept fasting. Radha does promise on God and says that she did not kept fasting and leaves from there. Kaveri says that Radha would not fake promise on God so it’s true that Radha did not kept fasting. Damini wonders that why Radha did not eat if she did not kept fasting then. Radha tells God that she did sin by doing fake promise on him. She apologizes to him. Damini and Kaveri hears everything. Kaveri says that Radha is such a liar.

Damini tells her that today she saw Radha’s real face. She asks her that how dare Radha to keep fasting for Mohan. She says that Radha want to snatch Mohan from her. She adds that she lost Mohan once because of Tulsi but she won’t lose him again because of Radha. And today she will throw both Tulsi’s spirit and Radha out of the house. Kaveri asks her that what is the latter’s plan. Damini asks her to follow the instructions and they don’t have much time. She says that Tulsi’s vermillion must be in Mohan’s room only.

Mohan recalls that how he kept fasting for Tulsi and Tulsi put the wet towel on his stomach so he does not feel hungry. He notices the wet towel beside him and puts it on his stomach. Radha sees that and says that Mohan still loves Tulsi so much and kept fasting for her. Kaveri and Damini sees Radha and gets angry. Damini tells Kaveri that she was blind to not see Radha’s love for Mohan. Kaveri reminds her that she already warned her about Radha. Damini asks her to do her work. Kaveri leaves from there.

Damini asks Radha that what the latter doing outside Mohan’s room. She notices that Mohan’s bed is wet and asks Mohan about it. Radha lies to her that she dropped the water glass by mistake. Damini moves aside to talk on a call. Mohan asks Radha that why she lied to Damini. She tells him that Damini would have been hurt if she got to know that he kept fasting for Tulsi then that’s why she lied. He tells her that he did not kept fasting.

Ajeet asks Ketki to eat something if she is not able to continue the fasting then. She tells him that she has to prove to Kadambari that she can keep fasting too. Kaveri steals Ketki’s bangle and then Rahul’s purse. Then she steals the necklace which Kadambari kept to gift Damini. She keeps all the things in Radha’s bag.

Damini asks Radha to forward her hand. Radha hopes that Damini does not see her mehndi and forwards her hand. Damini gives broomstick to her and asks her to clean Mohan’s room. Tulsi’s spirit thinks that Damini planning to do something for sure. Kaveri hides Radha’s bag. Kadambari says that they have to leave for temple. Damini thinks that she can’t go out. She acts like feeling dizzy. Kadambari asks her to take rest. Kaveri says that she will stay with Damini. Others leaves for the temple.

Gungun enters the house. Damini asks Kaveri to stay with Gungun so Tulsi’s spirit stays around them. And using that chance she will find Tulsi’s vermillion from Mohan’s room and leaves from there. Kaveri tells Gungun that she was waiting for her to play. She informs her that others left for temple. She takes Gungun to her room. Tulsi’s spirit wonders that what happened to Kaveri today. Damini forcefully sees Radha’s hand.

Episode ends.