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Episode begins with Radhika hope Mohan don’t ask her whether Manan is his son. Mohan asks her to not worry because nothing will happen to Manan. He says that their jodi is hit when they are together and they saved Manan together. He tells her that he know she is angry at him  because he did wrong with her. And says that he suffered a lot without her and he know she would have suffered without him. He adds that Manan’s father gave blood to Manan and Manan’s father won’t let anything happen to Manan.

She tells him that he is right. She takes him to a room where Yug is donating blood. She says that Manan’s father Yug is donating blood to Manan so they don’t need Mohan’s blood. He tells her that he will talk to Yug. She drags him from there. He tells her that Manan is his son. She tells him that Manan is not his son. She says that Manan is her and Yug’s son. He tells her that he know she is lying. He says that he will ask Yug. She tells him that Yug don’t know anything about Mohan and Yug won’t know about Mohan.

She says that Mohan is her past and Yug is her present. And says that she don’t want her past to affect her present. She adds that she is happy with Yug and Manan in her new life and Mohan don’t have place in her new life. She requests him to stay away from her, Yug and Manan. He gets shocked hearing all this. He asks her that whether she is really happy. And asks why her eyes not glowing and asks why there is no smile on her face.

He tells her that she can’t live happily without him. He says that she is saying all this because she is angry at him. He apologises to her for not trusting her and not finding her. She calls him as Mr Trivedi. She tells him that Manan is not his son. She reminds him that she left him. He recalls that how Radha cut off all ties with him. She asks him that who told him she is not happy in these seven years. She says that she met Yug who loves her wholeheartedly. She adds that she is happy with Yug that’s why she is living with Yug.

He tells her that she is lying. He says that she is his Radha and she loves him still. She tells him that she don’t love him. She says that she used to love Mohan, not anymore. And says that Yug brought light in her life when her life was filled with darkness because of Mohan. She adds that she forgot her past and she started loving Yug because she got so much love from Yug.

She pleads him to not ruin her present and she asks him to move on in his life ( Title song plays in the background ). Trivedis and Meera comes there. Radhika tells Mohan that she found her happiness and asks him to find his happiness. She looks at Meera and leaves from there.

Episode ends.