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Episode begins with Mohan tries to talk to Radha but she ignores him and goes inside. Kadambari sees this. Kaveri feels that Damini’s plan will work. She says that her confidence increased seeing Damini’s confidence. Kadambari tells Mohan that Radha has rights to get angry. She says that Namrata’s way is wrong but her questions are not wrong. And it’s time to choose between Radha and Damini. She tells him that Radha has to know what’s her place in Mohan’s life. Mohan is about to say something but Kadambari stops him and tells him to give the answer to Radha and goes inside.

Radha recalls Namrata’s questions. Tulsi tells Radha to question Mohan instead of getting sad. Mohan comes there and tells Radha that he want to talk to her. Gungun comes there and tells Radha that they will read the letters. Mohan scolds Gungun for forgetting her manners. He says that these letters must be Namrata and Tulsi brother’s some trap. Gungun tells him that Tulsi love her so much that’s why Tulsi left letters for her. Mohan is about to say something but Radha stops him. Radha tells Gungun that they will read the letters at evening because now Gungun has to go to school. Gungun goes to her room with letters box.

Damini sees this and says that destiny is on her side. She calls Tulsi’s brother and asks him that if Namrata suspected those letters. Tulsi’s brother tells her that his mother did not suspect those letters. She tells him that she will need his help in the future too. He tells her that he can do anything to ruin Mohan’s happiness. She tells him that for that Radha need to leave the house. He tells her that he read those letters so he is sure that will happen.

Radha tells Mohan that he should not have talked like that with Gungun. Mohan tells her that he wanted to talk to her. She tells him that she don’t want answer for any questions. And says she is happy with her life. He tells her that he is not worried about this but he is worried about those letters. He asks her that what if those letters separate him from Gungun. And says he is scared that, those letters may ruin his and Gungun’s relationship. She tells him that she know Tulsi and Mohan fought with each other but Tulsi won’t do anything to separate a mother and daughter. He tells her that he has a feeling that those letters will create problems. She tells him that no one can separate him and Gungun.

He tells her that he will answer her questions. He gets close to her but stops hearing Shekhar’s voice. Shekhar says that he brought divorce papers because Mohan asked for this. Radha gets shocked hearing this. She tells Mohan that she did not ask for answers but she got all the answers. She asks him to sign on the divorce papers and says she will sign later and leaves from there.

Episode ends.