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Episode begins with Damini notices bandage on Radha’s palm and asks her about it. Radha tells her that she got hurt while cleaning the room. Damini tells her to clean the room well. She notices that Radha feeling dizzy. She tells her that she knows that the latter kept fasting that’s why she is feeling dizzy. Radha lies to her again.

On the other hand, Gungun asks Kaveri that why the latter suddenly behaving sweet with her. Kaveri tells her that she is going to become her grandma and she loved her since beginning. She adds that she has rights to play with Gungun. Gungun decides to teach a lesson to Kaveri. She ties black clothe on her eyes and asks her to count from 1 to 50 and find her. Kaveri tries to catch Gungun. Gungun troubles her. Tulsi’s spirit thinks that she can’t leave them alone.

Meanwhile, Damini searches Tulsi’s vermilion in Mohan’s room. Radha cleans the room. Mohan comes there and asks them that what are they doing. Damini tells him that they are cleaning the room. Radha asks him to join them to forget about his hunger. Damini asks Mohan that if the latter kept fasting. He lies to her that he ate thrice already since morning. Radha notices Mohan’s expensive watches and says that these are glowing. She gets shocked when Damini said about the prices of those watches. She says that her father would be taking rest if he had that much money then.

Damini notices Tulsi and Mohan’s photo and thinks that Tulsi’s vermilion must be in the photo frame only. Mohan says that he is going to Shekhar’s house and leaves from there. Damini asks Radha to take Tulsi and Mohan’s photo and clean it. Radha takes the photo and cleans it. Damini notices Tulsi’s vermilion box inside the photo frame. Tulsi’s vermilion box drops on the floor.

Tulsi’s spirit feels something and recalls that how she put her vermilion box inside the photo frame. Damini messages Kaveri stating that she found Tulsi’s vermilion and Tulsi’s spirit must have sense it so Kaveri has to stay with Gungun for few more minutes. Kaveri wonders that what all she has to do for Damini. She tells Gungun that she won’t leave her and tries to hit her. Tulsi’s spirit gets angry seeing that. She attacks Kaveri and the latter screams.

Damini puts Tulsi’s vermilion box with trash. She asks Radha to put the garbage bag outside house. Radha takes the garbage bag and moves towards the door. Damini says that in few minutes she will throw Radha also out of the house. Kaveri apologizes to Tulsi’s spirit. Gungun gets confused with Kaveri’s behaviour.

Tulsi’s spirit feels weak and she understands that someone took her vermilion. Radha and Damini notices the change in atmosphere of the house. Tulsi’s spirit says that she will be thrown out of the house if her vermilion went outside house then. She pleads Radha to not go outside. Radha goes outside. Tulsi’s spirit comes out of the house too. Radha feels someone’s presence and moves from there. Tulsi’s spirit is not able to enter the house.

Episode ends.