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Episode begins with Gungun pleads Radhika to return to her and Mohan. She cries hugging Radhika. Radhika recalls the moments she spent with Gungun. Gungun says that she know Radhika loves them and miss them so much. She asks don’t Radhika loves Mohan still. Meanwhile, Mohan tells himself that he know Radha loves him still. He says that Radha has to accept she loves him and she can’t live without him. He goes out of the hospital. Ketki asks Mohan to not go.

Gungun asks Radhika to tell the truth. Mohan comes there. Radhika sees Mohan through car mirror. She tells Gungun that she don’t love Mohan. Gungun says that Radhika is lying. Radhika tells Gungun that Mohan is nothing for her. She says that she moved on in her life that’s why she married Yug seven years back. And says that she has a son and says she is happy with her family. She adds that she can’t leave her family and she don’t want to leave her family.

Gungun asks Radhika that what about Mohan. Radhika tells Gungun that she don’t know Mohan. She says that Mohan is just Mr Trivedi for her and says she don’t have any feelings for him. Gungun asks Radhika that what the latter is saying. Radhika says that she loves Gungun but they can’t live togethe. She tells Gungun that she will live with their memories. Mohan overhears their conversation. Radhika goes inside. Mohan thinks that Radha is lying. He says that he can read Radha’s eyes. He goes inside.

On the other hand, Yug tells himself that he has to go to Radhika. He murmurs that Manan may create problem for him. He tells Nurse that he is hungry so he has to go out. Nurse threatens to call the Doctor. She says that Yug can’t leave until trips gets over. He tells her that he was just joking. He drinks it without her knowledge. Radhika comes there.

Meanwhile, Mohan sees Manan. He recalls the moments he spent with Manan. He talks to unconscious Manan. He tells Manan that the latter is his son. He says that now he understood why he felt connection towards Manan. And says that now he understood why he got sad seeing Manan sad and why he felt restless when Manan went missing. He adds that Manan is symbol of his and Radha’s love.

In the hospital temple, Poonam apologises to Lord Krishna. She says that she could not stop Yug from doing wrong with Manan. She asks him to not punish Manan for Yug’s madness. She adds that Radhika should not know what Yug did with Manan. Gungun asks Poonam that what Yug did with Manan. Poonam gets shocked hearing this.

Episode ends.