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Episode begins with Poonam tells Lord Krishna that it will be a problem if Radhika learnt what Yug did with Manan. Gungun asks Poonam that what Yug did with Manan. Poonam says that Yug became careless in Manan’s matter that’s why she said like that and leaves from there. Gungun thinks that seems like Poonam is hiding something from her. And she decides to find out what Poonam is hiding.

On the other hand, Radhika asks Yug that why he is scolding Nurse. Yug tells her that he want to meet Manan and Nurse is not letting him leave the room. She asks him to not worry about

Meanwhile, Mohan asks Manan to wake up and help him to reunite with Radha. He says that he stayed away from Manan these many years and he can’t live without Manan now. He tells Manan to get up and hug him. He notices Manan is holding his hand in sleep. He promises to take care of Manan always. He places a kiss on Manan’s hand and leaves from there. Nurse enters Manan’s room. Manan calls Radhika. Nurse hears this and leaves from there.

Radhika asks Yug to not get angry. Yug tells her that he has to take care of his health to take care of Radhika and Manan. He says that he don’t know what he would be doing if Radhika is not in his life then. He tells thanks to her and places a kiss on her hand. Nurse comes there and tells them that Manan regained consciousness. Radhika leaves from there.

Yug thinks that Manan came in between him and Radhika once again. He follows Radhika. He murmurs that he has to act like good father and enters the room. He places a kiss on Manan’s face. He asks Manan that whether the latter is fine. Radhika asks Yug that what the latter is doing there. She says that Yug needs rest. Yug tells her that he is feeling better now because he is with Manan.

Radhika sees Mohan and Gungun standing outside the room. She hugs Yug and tells him that nothing will happen to Manan until Yug is with them. She hope Lord Krishna protects their family. Ketki gets angry hearing this. She asks how can Radha change like this. Mohan tells her that Radha is acting. He says that Radha and Mohan will reunite. He leaves from there. Meera feels bad hearing this.

Mohan wonders who can help him. Dadi comes there and searches Manan’s room. Mohan sees Dadi and goes to her. He asks her that what is she doing there. Dadi lies to him that she came for her check up. He asks her that where is Radha. She lies to him that she don’t know anything about Radha. He ties her with wheelchair and takes her from there.

Police inspector enters Manan’s room. He says that he came to get Manan’s statement. Yug says that he think student locked the room which Manan entered. Gungun comes there and says that student did not lock the door because all the students left the school. She asks Police inspector to get school head boy’s statement. Police inspector asks Manan that whether the latter saw anyone in the school. Manan recalls that how mask man threatened him.

Episode ends.