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Episode begins with Manan gets scared seeing hoodie man mask. Yug sees this and wonders how it came there. On the other hand, Mohan makes a cake. Gungun asks Mohan that how this cake will reach Manan. He tells her that it’s his job to make cake and Lord Krishna’s job to make the cake reach Manan. Ketki tells Ajeet that few people don’t care about their respect. She says that Radha insults Mohan but Mohan is making cake for Manan. Mohan tells Ketki that he can tolerate anything for Radha and Manan. Meera comes there and asks what’s happening.

Ketki tells Meera that Radha did not invited them for Manan’s birthday party but Mohan is making birthday cake for Manan. Mohan hope Manan likes chocolate cake. He says that his favorite cake is chocolate cake and Manan’s favorite must be chocolate too. Ajeet agrees with Mohan. Gungun feels bad that she can’t celebrate her brother’s birthday with him and cries.

Manan screams. Yug switch off the main pain. Gungun hears Manan’s scream. She hope Manan is fine and leaves her house. Radhika searches Manan. Yug snatches the wig from Manan and escapes from there. Gungun comes there and hugs Manan. Radhika comes there and notices Chintu is injured. Yug helps Chintu to get up.

Ketki helps Mohan in making cake. She says that Mohan don’t know icing. Mohan asks her to do it fast. He tells Kadambari that they are making cake for Manan. Kadambari thinks that one day Mohan may bring Manan to house. Mohan notices there is no light in Yug’s house. He tells his family that everyone house has lights except Yug’s house. He decides to check. Ketki tells Mohan that he can’t go because no one called him. He tells her that she is right.

Radhika treats Chintu’s injury. She asks him that how it happened. Chintu tells her that someone pushed him. Yug asks Chintu that whether Manan pushed Chintu. Chintu says that Manan pushed him. Radhika asks Manan that whether he pushed Chintu. Manan shook his head. He says that he had mask in his hand. She asks him that what mask. He tells her that hoodie man mask. Yug says that Manan hallucinated and pushed Chintu in shock. Radhika asks Manan to not get scared. Chintu asks them to call his mother.

Mohan says that Gungun is in Yug’s house and something must have happened to Manan. Ketki tells Mohan that he can’t go. Kadambari praises Ketki in her mind. Meera asks Ketki to let Mohan go. She asks Mohan to go and check.

Gungun hugs Manan. Yug says that he will check lights and leaves from there. Lights comes. Chintu’s mother comes there and asks Chintu about his injury. Chintu tells his mother about Manan. Chintu’s mother scolds Radhika. She asks Manan that why he beat Chintu up.

Episode ends.