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Episode begins with Damini says that she don’t suspect Radha but Radha saw Mohan’s gold watch while cleaning the room. Mohan tells her that Radha won’t steal. Kaveri tells him that everyone is here except Radha. He tells her that Radha would have left for any work. Ketki goes to check in Gungun’s room. Rahul thinks that it’s the right chance to get rid of Radha and goes to find her.

Ketki learns that Radha’s stuff missing. Radha is about to put the garbage bag into the dustbin but Rahul stops her and asks her that what is she doing there. She tells him that she just came to put the garbage bag into the dustbin. He asks her to not act because they knows everything. He drags her to the house. She asks him to leave her hand but he ignores her screaming.

Ketki tells Kadambari that Radha’s stuff missing from Gungun’s room. Mohan asks that how can Radha stole. Kaveri tells him that Radha is not an angel. Vishwanath tells her that he knows Radha since childhood and she is not like this. Tulsi’s spirit understands Damini and Kaveri’s plan. Mohan says that when Radha can’t even lie then how can she steal. He adds that he understands Radha very well. Everyone goes outside hearing Radha’s screaming.

Rahul pushes Radha and she falls on the floor which shocks everyone. Mohan goes to Radha and helps her to get up. He asks her that if the latter is fine. Damini notices the garbage bag and tells Kaveri that Tulsi’s vermilion should not go inside the house at any cost.

Rahul asks Mohan to slap Radha so reveals the truth. Radha says that she never lies. He says that Radha tried to run away from the house but he caught her. He is about to slap Radha but Mohan holds the former’s hand and slaps him. Rahul says that Radha stole but Mohan slapping him. Radha gets shocked hearing him. Gungun says that Radha is not theif. She adds that Radha can’t do anything wrong. Radha gets emotional hearing her and says that she did not steal anything. She asks Rahul that how can he accuse her.

Ajeet says that Radha helped them so much and how can they accuse Radha. Damini asks Rahul that if he has any proof against Radha. She adds that it’s not like Radha kept the stolen things in the garbage bag. Radha says that they can check the garbage bag. Damini checks it and finds Radha’s stuff and the stolen things. Tulsi’s spirit notices her vermilion box. Rahul says that now it’s proved that Radha stole all this. He asks Mohan to say something now. Mohan remains silent.

Kaveri scolds Radha. Gungun asks them to listen Radha once. Radha says that she just went to put the garbage bag into the dustbin. Damini says that Radha should be ashamed of herself. Radha asks Damini to believe that she did not steal anything. Damini asks her to not utter a word. She says that they trusted Radha but the latter showed her true face. She humiliates Radha.

Episode ends.