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Episode begins with Police inspector asks Manan that whether the latter saw anyone in the school. Yug tells Police inspector that Manan is stressed and Manan need time to become normal. He says that they will cooperate but they need time. Police inspector nods at Yug. Gungun says that they can catch the criminal soon if they got Manan’s statement now then. She adds that criminal may escape if they delayed the investigation then. Yug

On the other hand, Dadi asks Mohan that where is he taking her. Mohan tells her that he won’t answer until she answers his questions. She tells him that she don’t want to talk about Radha.

Gungun says that Manan may forget few details later. She adds that Manan is brave and he won’t get scared. Yug says that Manan is still kid. Radhika tells him that they are with Manan and nothing will happen to Manan. Gungun asks Manan to say what he saw. Manan says that he was with Yug in the garden. Yug interferes and says that he won’t allow anyone to question Manan. Radhika tells him that Gungun is helping them. Yug tells sorry to Gungun. He tells Radhika that he was just protecting Manan.

Gungun asks Manan to continue. Manan tells them that how he went inside the school to find Yug and how he got locked in the classroom and how hoodie man tried to kill him and how he fell down from the terrace. He says that Champi bite hoodie man to save him from hoodie man. Gungun recalls that how Yug struggled to walk.

Radhika blames herself for everything. Yug tells her that he should be blamed because he was careless. He tells Police inspector that he hope the latter got statement of Manan. Police inspector tells thanks to Yug for cooperation. He leaves from there. Yug tells Gungun to go to her house because her family must be waiting for her. Gungun leaves from there.

Mohan tells Dadi that Radha is living fake life with Yug and Manan. He says that Radha is claiming Manan is her and Yug’s son.

Doctor tells Radhika that Manan is fine so she can take Manan to house. Gungun thinks that she feel Yug is involved in Manan’s matter. She says that maybe she is wrong about Yug but she will find out the truth. Yug hears this and he decides to handle Gungun first. Radhika tells thanks to Gungun for giving courage to Manan. Gungun asks Radhika to not leave Manan alone because he is scared. She leaves from there.

Mohan asks Dadi to say Manan is his son. Dadi tells him that Manan is Yug and Radha’s son. He tells her that he know she is lying. He says that he know Manan is his son and says he will bring Manan and Radha in his life. He unties her and leaves from there.

Manan tells Radhika that he is scared. Radhika asks him to think about something else. Manan recalls that how Mohan taught him to ride bicycle. He tells the quote which Mohan told him.

Episode ends.