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Episode begins with Kadambari tells Radha that she is hurt with the latter’s actions. She says that she treated Radha like a family member but the latter broke her trust. She adds that she learnt to not trust a stranger. Radha says that she did not steal anything and she pleads to trust her. She goes to Mohan and asks him to trust that she did not steal anything. She tells him to save her from this false accusations. He remains silent. She asks him to say something. He thinks that his heart asks him to trust her but he can’t ignore the proofs.

Tulsi’s spirit tells Mohan that Damini trapped Radha. She asks him to trust Radha. Rahul asks Mohan to call the Police. Radha asks Mohan that if the latter don’t trust her. Mohan is about to say something but Kadambari interrupts and says that proofs are against Radha so even Mohan can’t defend Radha. Kadambari asks him to not let Radha take advantage of his goodness. Rahul says that the Police will make Radha confess the truth. Damini thinks that she may end up in trouble if the Police came then.

Rahul asks Mohan to hit Radha like how the latter hit him. Kadambari says that no one is allowed to hit Radha. Damini says that Radha did wrong but they can’t do wrong with her by involving the Police. Rahul asks Radha to leave the house. Radha stares Mohan. Rahul tries to hold Radha’s hand but she raises her voice and asks him to not touch her. Radha says that her father taught her to live with self-respect. She adds that wrong happening with her and she won’t tolerate it. She asks them to call the Police so they can find out that who stole those things. And she can’t return to her village after being accused of theft. Everyone gets shocked hearing her.

Ketki asks Radha to not act and leave. Damini asks Radha to think that what will happen to the latter’s family if she ended up in jail then. She asks her to return to house for her family’s sake. Radha tells her that she want to prove her innocence for her family’s sake only. She adds that she won’t go anywhere until she proves her innocence. Rahul tries to ousts Radha from the house. Gungun asks Rahul to leave Radha. Kadambari takes Gungun aside. She tells Mohan to go inside with Gungun.

Tulsi’s spirit tells Mohan that Radha is innocent and asks him to stop Rahul. Radha tells Mohan that why she would leave the house when her favourite thing is inside the house still. Mohan enters the house with Gungun. Everyone asks Radha to return to her village. Gungun comes outside and tells Radha that Mohan don’t care about anyone so he won’t support the latter. She adds that she don’t like everyone calling Radha as theif so the latter should leave now.

Rahul holds Radha’s hand. Mohan asks him to leave Radha’s hand. Everyone turns around and finds Mohan with God’s idol. Mohan gives it to Gungun. He says that Radha is not a theif. He adds that he knows the importance of this idol in Radha’s life. And without this idol Radha won’t go anywhere. Kaveri reminds him that they found stolen things and Radha’s stuff in the garbage bag. He tells her that it’s a trap and he will find out that who is behind all this.

Episode ends.