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Episode begins with Radhika asks Manan to think about the incident which gives him happiness. Manan recalls that how Mohan taught him to ride bicycle. He tells motivational quote to her. She asks him that whether Yug told the latter this. He tells her that Mohan taught him. She notices Gungun there. Gungun tells Radhika that Mohan is making Manan strong the way the latter made her strong. Radhika asks Gungun to stop it. She says that Gungun is creating problems for her by talking like this. She reminds Gungun that Manan is not Mohan’s son. They gets shocked seeing Yug there.

Yug says that seems like mother and child reunited. Radhika gets scared hearing this. Yug says that Doctor gave permission for discharge so they can enjoy in the house. He screams in pain. Radhika tells Garv to call the Doctor. Doctor examines Yug. He says that seems like it’s an dehydration. He adds that Yug will be under observation.

Yug tells Doctor that he want to spend time with Radhika and Manan. Radhika tells Yug to stay in the hospital because his health matters. Garv says that he will stay with Yug. Yug glares at Doctor and Nurse. He curses them. Gungun asks him that what he said. He tells her that he was joking. Pari and Poonam comes there. Gungun sees Yug’s legs. Yug notices this. He tells Gungun to go to house.

Dadi asks Mohan to not ruin Radha’s happiness. She tells him to stop but he leaves from there without saying anything. Mohan goes to Manan. Pari tells Mohan that she is glad he came. She asks him to drop them house because Yug is admitted in the hospital. Mohan tells her that he can do anything for family. Dadi gets happy seeing Manan. She asks Radhika that whether Manan is fine. Radhika tells Dadi that Manan is fine.

Dadi murmurs to Radhika she is scared that Mohan will tell the truth Yug. Radhika tells Dadi that Mohan won’t do that. She says that Mohan never had bad intention. She struggles to pick Manan up. Mohan tells her that he will help. He picks Manan up. Manan holds Radhika’s hand. They leaves from there. Yug sees this and gets angry. He regrets for selling his house to Mohan. He says that Mohan may claim his family as the latter’s family.

Manan tells Mohan that they have connection for sure. Mohan tells Manan that the latter understood and Radhika has to understand this. They gets in the car. Mohan and Radhika looks at each other. He recalls the moments he spent with her ( Itni tafah song plays in the background ). Manan coughs. Mohan gets worried seeing this. They reaches the house. Pari tells thanks to Mohan. Mohan tells her that Manan is his son so she need not to thank him.

Episode ends.