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Episode begins with Mohan tells Pari to not thank him because Manan is his son. Radhika says that Manan is like Mohan’s son. Pari agrees with Radhika. Ketki asks Meera to not worry because all this is temporary. She says that she will make sure Mohan stay away from Radhika.

In the hospital, Doctor examines Yug. Yug asks Doctor that whether all the tests are over. Doctor says that it’s a stomach infection so Yug has to be in the hospital for few days. Yug tells Doctor that he want to go to house. Doctor leaves from there.

On the other hand, Manan falls asleep. Radhika tells thanks to Mohan for everything. Mohan asks Radhika that whether she can sleep there peacefully. She asks him to leave from there. He asks her that whether she missed him. He notices Lord Krishna’s idol and talks to it. Radhika tells Mohan to leave from there. She says that she and Manan has no connection with Mohan. Mohan tells her that she and Manan belongs to her. She tells him that she is married and she has a son. She says that she is daughter in law of Kholi family so Mohan can’t talk to her like this.

He tells her that he has rights on her and Manan. He says that he won’t do anything but Radhika will come to him. He adds that Radhika will say she loves him and Manan is their son. She tells him that, that won’t happen never. He tells her that she saw his love, not madness. He says that from now on Radhika will see his junoon, fitoor and madness. He adds that Radhika will return to him. Poonam overhears their conversation.

Yug vomits intentionally. He tells Nurse that his stomach is clean now. He says that he is mad for Radhika so he has to go to house now. Nurse tells him that she can’t give him permission for that. He takes the flower vase. She gets scared seeing this and tells him that she will give permission to him. He tells her that he took flower vase to give flower and leaves from there. She tells herself that Yug is mad.

Radhika recalls that how Mohan saved Manan and helped them. She also recalls that how Mohan challenged her. She says that Mohan was in front of her but she could not hug him. And says that Radha belongs to Mohan always and she never let anyone touch her. She adds that she missed Mohan every second and cries. Poonam comes there and asks Radhika that whether Mohan is the latter’s husband. She says that Yug will die if he learnt the truth then.

Radhika tells Poonam that Yug is her present and Mohan is her past. She says that she is happy now because of Yug. She promises to Poonam that she won’t leave Yug never. Poonam tells Radhika to remember this promise and leaves from there. She says that Radhika has no idea what will happen if Yug got to know the truth then.

Episode ends.