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Episode begins with Ajeet tells Ketki that Mohan feels Manan is his son so that must be true. Kadambari gets shocked hearing this. She thinks that that’s not possible. Ketki tells Ajeet that Manan is not Mohan’s son. She says that Radha moved on in her life and Mohan did not even look at Meera romantically. Mohan comes there. He asks Ketki to continue because he want to listen what she thinks about Radha. He says that Manan is his son. Ketki tells Mohan that he is suffering but Radha is happy with her new family. He asks her that can’t she see Radha’s pain. She tells him that Radha is happy but she want to see Radha sad.

She says that she saw how Mohan suffered without Radha and now also nothing will change because Radha won’t return in his life. She decides to tell the truth to Yug. Kadambari hope Ketki don’t ruin their family while ruining Radha’s life. Mohan asks Ketki to stop. But Ketki refuses to listen him and goes to Yug’s house. Ketki asks Radha to come out. Yug asks Ketki that who is Radha. Mohan hugs Ketki and threatens to not tell anything. He tells Yug that Ketki is in sleepwalk. He says that Radha was Ketki’s friend and Ketki miss Radha.

Yug asks Mohan to not let Ketki leave the house. He says that they are already stressed and this drama. Mohan apologises to Yug. Trivedis leaves from there.

Radhika asks Yug that whether he is fine. Yug tells her that he is completely fine. He asks everyone to take rest. He goes out to get fresh air.

Radhika tells Manan that she is with him. Manan tells her that hoodie man comes in front of him whenever he closes his eyes. She diverts his mind. Poonam tells Radhika to go and freshen up and says she will stay with Manan. Radhika goes inside.

Yug steps on marbles and falls down. Gungun tells Yug that she was playing with marbles. She tries to help him. He warns her indirectly and leaves from there. Gungun thinks that she is right about Yug and Radha is not safe.

Kadambari wonders what’s happening in Yug’s house. Mohan asks Ketki that what is all this. Ketki tells him that she want to see him happy. He asks her that can’t she see Lord Krishna’s leela. She tells him that he should not become mahaan if he want Radha then. He tells her that he trust Radha. He says that he can prove Radha loves him. She asks him that how he will do that. He tells her that Radha will come to him.

Later, Mohan plays flute. Radhika hears this. She recalls that how Mohan used to play flute. She covers her ears. Then she goes to Mohan’s house.

Episode ends.