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Episode begins with Radha regains her consciousness. She sees Mohan. He asks her that if she was sleeping. He tells her that she can sleep in the house. She tells him that she knows that he will come. He tells her that she did not leave any other choice for him ( Title song plays in the background ). He says that they have to leave from there. He holds her hand. They moves from there. He tells her that they will reach the destination soon. Kadambari asks Mohan to say something. Mohan comes out of the sewage pipeline. He takes Radha out of the sewage pipeline. Mohan and Radha’s family gets relieved seeing Mohan and Radha.

Ajay tells Mohan that he will throw safety harness. He asks him to tie it around his waist. Mohan nods at him. He ties the safety harness around his waist. He holds Radha. He asks Ajay to pull the safety harness. Radha glances Mohan ( Title song plays in the background ). Rescue team pulls the safety harness. Mohan glances Radha. He holds her tightly. They comes out of the pit. Damini gets pissed off seeing them like that. Everyone claps for Radha and Mohan. Hriday tells Radha that he is glad she is safe now.

Kadambari praises Radha’s actions. She places a kiss on her forehead. She tells her that Mohan fought with Lord Krishna for her and Mohan even separated Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha. She shows Goddess Radha’s idol to her. Radha looks at Mohan. He says that Radha is mad. He scolds her for risking her life. She tells him that he also risked his life for her. She says that she can’t let anything happen to Gungun. He hugs her. She hugs him back ( Title song plays in the background ). Damini gets angry seeing their hug.

Mohan says that they should go to house. He is about to move from there but Radha holds his hand to stop him. She tells him that he should reunite Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha now. He keeps Goddess Radha’s idol near Lord Krishna’s idol. She tells him that Lord Krishna won the test. She says that even God don’t get happy seeing them in pain. She adds that God just tests that they trust God or not. She asks him to thank God. Damini thinks that Mohan won’t thank God no matter what.

Mohan thanks God for saving Radha’s life. Damini and Kaveri gets shocked hearing him. Kadambari gets surprised hearing him. Mohan tells God that he did not trust him. He says that he thought God only snatches from him. He adds that he would not have faced himself if anything happened to Radha then. He apologizes to him for showing attitude. He says that he behaved like that in fear of losing Radha. He tells him that he understood that the latter is not just a stone. Radha wonders that from when she become precious for Mohan. Tulsi’s spirit asks Mohan to understand that only Radha can become his wife and Gungun’s mother.

Episode ends.