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Episode begins with Mohan plays flute. Radhika hears this and goes to Mohan’s house. She asks him that what is his problem and why he is doing this. He tells her that he is just playing flute. She asks him to not act innocent. He tells her that he looks innocent and naive. He says that he understood Radha’s heart is connected with his flute sound. He asks her that whether she came to fight with him for playing flute. He reminds her that she gave this flute to him. She recalls that how she gave this flute to him.

He asks her that whether she came to fight with him because he made her remember her love for him. She tells him that she loved him but she lost everything because of that. She says that she left him and she don’t love him now. He tells her that she is lying.   She tells him that she hates him and this flute. She breaks the flute ( Title song plays in the background ). 

On the other hand, Ketki says that she is irritated that Mohan proved her as mad in front of Kohlis. Ajeet murmurs that Ketki is mad. She tells him that she is worried about Mohan. She says that she won’t let Radha ruin Mohan’s life. He tells her that Mohan’s eyes glowing now because Radha returned. He says that this new Mohan is better than old Mohan. He asks her to not do anything and let Lord Krishna do whatever he wants to do. 

Mohan shows many flute to Radhika. He asks her to break all the flute. Radhika breaks all the flutes. She says that this flute is her biggest enemy because it reminds her about Mohan. She injures her hand while breaking flute. He stops her. He recalls that how Radha used to tend his injuries. 

Meanwhile, Yug searches Radhika. He goes to Manan’s room. Poonam asks Yug to not disturb Manan’s sleep. He tells her that he is not Manan’s enemy and he did not come to kill Manan. He asks her to relax. He says that he came to meet Radhika. She tells him that Radhika must be in the house only. She sends him from there. 

Mohan drags Radhika to sofa. Radhika asks him to leave her hand. He asks her to not ruin the sofa with her blood. She tells him that she is not afraid of him and she is not old Radha. He tells her that he will kiss her if she moved then. She reminds him that she is someone’s wife. He treats her injury. She stares him. She recalls the moments she spent with him. 

Yug searches Radhika. Poonam hope Yug don’t do anything wrong in anger. Yug comes there and tells her that they will play game. He takes her from there. She tells him that Manan is sleeping and she has to stay with Manan. He asks her that where is Radhika. 

Episode ends.