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Episode begins with Radha cries recalling that how everyone accused and humiliated her. She also recalls that how Mohan did not trust her too. Vishwanath comes there and apologizes to her. He asks her to not cry. He tells her that she is like daughter for him. He asks her to come to him if she faced any problem then. Later, Radha notices her palm while cleaning the house. Mohan comes there and calls maid. He asks her that if the latter told Radha to clean the house. She shook her head and goes inside.

Radha tells Mohan that no one told her to clean the house. He stops her from cleaning the house. He tells her that she did not come to study but doing useless things now. She tells him that she don’t want to study English. He asks her that if she want to do household chores only. Everyone comes there.

Radha tells Mohan that yesterday he showed her place to her so he should not care that what she is doing. Damini asks her that how can the latter talk like this to Mohan. Mohan asks her that why she is interfering. He asks Radha to stop her drama. Radha tells him that still he thinks that she is doing drama. She says that she worshipped him and even he did not trust her. She adds that she could be immature but she don’t sacrifice when it’s about her self-respect. He asks her that why she is dragging the small matter. She tells him that she don’t want to stay in this house. Rahul thinks that he is glad that Radha leaving the house.

Radha tells Mohan that she is going to pack her things and asks him to check that if she is stealing anything. Mohan follows her. Rahul asks that why Mohan want to stop Radha. Kadambari says that if Radha don’t want to stay in this house then they can’t stop her. But they did wrong with Radha. Rahul looks at Damini and says that Mohan gets sad seeing Radha upset.

Radha packs her clothes. Gungun asks her that what’s happening. Mohan tells her that Radha leaving the house. He asks Radha that what he should do now. He tells Gungun to do something to stop Radha. He notices Radha’s palm and asks her that when she hurted her palm. She tells him that she is fine. He asks her to show her injury. But she refuses and leaves the room. Gungun stops Radha. She asks Mohan that if he apologized to Radha. Kadambari says that Mohan never apologized to anyone.

Gungun takes Mohan to Radha and tells him to apologize to Radha by holding his ears. Radha tells her that no need of that. Gungun tells her that it will be fun. Mohan recalls that how Radha saved Gungun and his life and how she took care of Gungun. He stops Radha and apologizes to her by holding his ears which shocks everyone ( Title song plays in the background ). Gungun and Tulsi’s spirit smiles seeing that. Kaveri looks at Damini. Radha gets emotional hearing him.

Episode ends.