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Episode begins with Mohan finds Radhika’s anklet and takes it. Radhika wonders why she is feeling Mohan’s presence. She says that Mohan has no place in her world. She feels pain in her head and wonders who beat her up. She turns around and gets shocked seeing Mohan in front of her. Mohan asks her that where is her braid. She stares him ( Teri sakhi song plays in the background ). He applies colour to her and places a kiss on her forehead. He wishes happy holi to her and hugs her. She cries and says that this is impossible. She murmurs that it’s her hallucination.

Yug breaks the hug. She realises that Yug hugged her. He asks her that whether she expected someone else. She asks him that why would she expect someone else. He says that no one can hug her like this. He adds that he will kill the person who tries to apply colour to her. She gets shocked hearing this. He tells her that he was joking. He realises that he lost Radhika’s anklet.

Poonam and Garv comes there. Yug says that he lost Radhika’s anklet. Radhika tells him that it’s just anklet. He tells her that it’s her anklet and goes to search it. Poonam tells Radhika that she is jealous of the latter. Radhika nods at Poonam and leaves from there. Poonam says that no one should come in between Yug and Radhika.

Mohan searches Gungun. Meera tells him that Gungun must be enjoying so let Gungun enjoy at least today. He tells her that he is Gungun’s father so he should keep an eye on Gungun. She applies colour to him and runs from there. He chases her with colour.

Radhika searches Yug to talk to him. She sees Mohan and runs from there. She wonders why she is thinking about Mohan always and why she is seeing him everywhere. She eats chillies to not think about Mohan. She hears Mohan’s voice.

Ajeet tells Pari that party is awesome. Pari tells him that no one can organize party like her. She says that Ajeet is good person but Ketki is weird. He tells her that not everyone will get beautiful wife like her. She turns around to take drink. Ketki drags Ajeet from there.

Pari goes to Mohan and gives drink to him. Mohan tells her that he is lucky because she brought drink for him. Meera takes Mohan from there.

Radhika coughs. Yug comes there and scolds her for eating chilles. He takes the drink glass which Mohan drank and he gives it to her. He asks her that whether she is feeling better. She nods at him. He says that he did not find anklet yet. She tells him that she is with him so anklet is not matter. She asks him to forget anklet and enjoy the holi with her. He tells her that she is right and hugs her. Poonam sees them and says that only Radhika can control Yug.

Episode ends.