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Episode begins with Radhika thinks that everything will be ruined if Yug got to know the truth then. Meanwhile, Yug thinks that Radhika defended Mohan more than necessary. He says that his mood is off.

Ketki asks Gungun that why Yug will do that with his son. Ajeet tells Gungun that she misunderstood Yug. Gungun tells them that she has a reason to suspect Yug. She informs them that how she saw Yug struggling to walk in the school and how Yug tried to stop Manan from giving statement. She says that if Yug is kidnapper then he must have wound on his leg so they should check it. Ketki asks Gungun to stop it. She says that Gungun need not to do anything even if Manan is in danger because of Yug. She adds that she don’t care Radha’s family lives or dies.

Gungun says that Manan is her brother and he is her resume. She adds that protecting Manan is her duty and leaves from there. Mohan tells himself that he want Radha in his life. Gungun hears this and decides to find out Yug’s truth. She says that if Radha learnt Yug’s truth then Radha will leave Yug because Radha loves her children the most in this world. She adds that she will expose Yug no matter what.

Gungun sneak into Yug’s house. Radhika hears a noise and goes out of the room to check. Gungun hides from Radhika. Radhika goes to her room and sings lullaby for Manan. Gungun hears this. She recalls that how Radha used to sing lullaby for her. She also recalls that how she asked for small brother or small sister from Radha and Mohan. She tells Lord Krishna that the latter fulfilled her wish. She says that she want to live with Mohan, Radha and Manan. She thinks that she has to expose Yug to lead a happy life with her family. She goes to Yug’s room and checks Yug’s legs. She says that there is no bite mark. Her bracelet gets stuck on Yug’s blanket and she leaves from there.

Yug wakes up and wonders whether anyone came to his room. He finds Gungun’s bracelet and thinks that his doubt was right. He goes out of his room and takes the rod and searches the culprit. Gungun hides behind the plant. Yug notices the movement of plant and says that plant is really loyal. He moves towards the plant and raises the rod to attack.

Mohan wakes up and wonders why he feels like Gungun is in danger. He hope Gungun is fine and goes to check Gungun. Kadambari eats ice cream. She says that her family is her enemy that’s why they don’t give her ice cream. She gets shocked seeing Mohan. She hides the ice cream bowl and falls down. Mohan sees Kadambari and goes to her. Ketki and Ajeet also comes there after hearing Mohan’s voice.

Yug sees no one behind the plant. He goes to the hall. Gungun hides behind the sofa. Yug laughs seeing something.

Episode ends.