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Episode begins with Mohan thanks Radha for bringing happiness in his life. Radha thinks that this is the right chance to tell about Damini to Mohan. She tries to talk about Damini to Mohan. He tells Radha that he is also angry at Damini for behaving like that with Radha. He says that Damini is his childhood friend and she fell for him. He adds that Damini handled him, his family and business after Tulsi’s death. He tells her that Damini is possessive for him but she is not a bad person. She thinks that she can’t break the trust which Mohan has on Damini. She decides to not tell anything to Mohan until she finds proofs against Damini. 

After few days, Mohan comes to Trivedi house. Damini praises him for saving all the students life. She is about to welcome him but he stops her. He tells her that Radha saved students life including his life. He says that Radha deserves appreciation for the things she did for Trivedi family. He asks her to welcome Radha. She tells him that he fought against death. He tells her that Radha deserves credit for that too. He enters the house and welcomes Radha. Radha tells Mohan that he is her God so he should not do all this. He refuses to listen her. Tulsi’s spirit blesses Radha and thanks her for saving Mohan’s life. 

Damini drags Radha out of the house. She tells Radha that the latter can do whatever she wants but she can’t become a daughter in law of Trivedi family. Radha tells her that she is not old Radha to trust her blindly. She says that she can see everything clearly. She tells her that Mohan will call off the marriage if she told everything to Mohan then. Damini threatens her. Mohan comes there and asks Damini to meet him in his room and goes inside. Radha taunts Damini and goes inside. Damini tells Kaveri that Radha can go any extend to stop the marriage. She says that if this time her marriage did not happen with Mohan then it won’t happen never. Kaveri tells her that she will make sure that Damini’s marriage happens with Mohan. 

Mohan sees his and Tulsi’s marriage photo. He tells Tulsi that he remember how she told him to return to Gungun and Radha. He thanks her. Tulsi’s spirit hears him. She tells him that she don’t want him to come to her. Damini comes there and gives medicines to Mohan. He tells her that he know what she did with Radha when he was unconscious. She tells him that she did all that because she thought she will lose him. She says that she can’t see anything when it’s about him. He tells her that she need to change herself and says Radha is special for him. She leaves the room and calls someone and asks that person to execute the plan. 

Ketki tells Kaveri that Mohan should marry after his recovery only. Kaveri refuses to postpone the marriage date. Radha says that Ketki is right. 

Episode ends.