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Episode begins with Yug understands that Gungun spied on him and she is in his house now. He tells himself that he can kill the theif in self-defense. He tries to attack Gungun who is hiding behind the sofa. Radhika stops Yug.

On the other hand, Ketki wonders how Ketki fell down. Mohan says that he is glad he woke up now. Ajeet asks Mohan that why the latter is awake at this time. Mohan tells Ajeet that he woke up to check Gungun. He searches Gungun in the house. He calls Gungun.

Gungun understands that Mohan learnt she is not in the house. She gets up. Radhika sees Gungun. She asks Yug that how can he try to hit kid. Yug tells her that he tried to hit theif. Gungun stands beside Radhika. Yug pretends like he is shocked seeing Gungun there. He asks Gungun that what is she doing in his house at this time. He says that he thought kidnapper came to our house.

Gungun thinks that Yug is acting well. Yug tells Radhika that he is in tension already. Radhika asks Yug to relax. She asks Gungun that what the latter is doing there at this time. Yug asks Gungun that why she came to his house like theif. Radhika asks Gungun to answer. Gungun cries. Radhika tells Yug to leave it.

Yug asks Gungun that what she want from his house. Manan comes there and hugs Gungun. Gungun lies that she came to meet Manan. Yug tells Gungun that his house door bell works. Gungun says that she gets scared hearing Yug’s voice. Yug tauntingly asks her that whether he dubs for horror movies. He scolds her for hiding from him.

Gungun apologises to him for disturbing him. She says that she will leave from there. Yug tells Gungun that he did not give her permission to leave. Radhika asks Yug to end the topic because Gungun is kid. Yug tells Radhika that Gungun is not baby. He says that Mohan should know what all Gungun does. He badmouths about Mohan.

Gungun asks Yug to not utter a word against Mohan. Yug tells Gungun to not raise her noise. He says that first Gungun made mistake and now she is yelling at him. Poonam comes there and asks what’s happening. Yug calls Mohan and asks what Gungun is doing in his house at this time.

Mohan goes to Yug’s house and asks Gungun that whether she is fine. Yug tells Mohan that it’s them who is suffering. Mohan asks Gungun that what is she doing there. Yug taunts Mohan for being careless. He says that Gungun don’t have mother that’s why she is like this. Mohan agrees with Yug. Gungun says that she became like this from the time her mother left her. Yug tells Mohan to be careful because in the future many things may happen. Radhika asks Yug to stop it. She says that Gungun has mother.

Episode ends.