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Episode begins with Mohan asks Sargam that whether she saw Gungun. Sargam tells him that few minutes back Gungun was playing with her, but she don’t know where is Gungun now. Mohan wonders where is Gungun. Meera asks him to not worry. Everyone goes to search Gungun. Mohan feels restless.

Gungun thinks that Mohan should not see Radhika because he can’t handle it. She hides behind the jeep. Radhika also feels restless. One intoxicated guy misbehaves with Radhika. Radhika tells him to leave her hand. Manan tries to help her. Mohan notices this. Gungun tries to take Mohan from there but fails. That guy notices Mohan and runs from there. Mohan chases that guy. Yug beat that guy up. He asks that guy how dare he to touch Radhika. Mohan tries to stop Yug.

That guy runs from there. Yug chases him. Radhika sees this. Yug catches that guy and beat him up mercilessly. He tries to kill that guy but Mohan stops Yug. Yug says that he will kill him. Mohan asks Yug about consequences. He says that he can understand what Yug is feeling now. He informs him that last year during holi one person misbehaved with his wife. He adds that let police handle that guy. He calls police. That guy throws colour on Mohan’s eyes and runs from there. Radhika tells Poonam that she will bring water and leaves from there.

Gungun recalls that how she saw Radha. She thinks that Radha can’t return in her and Mohan’s life. She says that she and Mohan moved on in their life with much difficulty. She gets in the jeep and tries to leave from there. Radhika sees this. Gungun hit Radhika by mistake. Radhika falls down and her head hits on the stone. She screams in pain. Gungun gets shocked hearing this. She gets off the jeep and goes to Radhika. Radhika loses her consciousness. Gungun wonders what if something happens to Radhika.

Yug gives water to Mohan. Mohan washes his face. Pari asks him that whether he is fine. Mohan tells her that he is completely fine. She tells him that he bravely fought. She says that Mohan should be careful. Yug asks her that where is Radhika. Everyone goes to search Radhika. Ajeet asks how they are going to find Radhika when they never saw Radhika. Yug wonders where is Radhika.

Gungun thinks that Mohan won’t spare her if he got to know that she is responsible for the accident then. She says that Mohan should not see Radhika too. She covers her face with dupatta. Yug sees Radhika and runs to her. Everyone comes there. Yug asks Radhika to open her eyes and talk to him. He asks who is responsible for this. Gungun lies to him that she don’t know. She says that Radhika was bleeding so she tied dupatta up. Mohan tells Yug that they should take Radhika to the hospital. He notices key in his jeep. He tells Yug to get in the jeep with Radhika. Gungun also gets in the jeep. She hope Mohan don’t see Radhika.

Episode ends.