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Episode begins with Radhika says that she can’t think about her past because she moved on in her life. She asks herself that why she is remembering his past. Yug gets shocked hearing this. She says that she won’t let her past affect her present. 

In the past, Radhika tells Yug that she want to tell him about her past before moving on with him. She says that she born in Barsana and she never experienced mother love. She is about to tell him about Mohan but he stops her. Yug says that he don’t care about Radhika’s past and only her present matters for him. She tells him that he should know it. He tells her that it’s paining her to talk about it so he don’t want to learn about it. She promises to not bring her past to their present. 

In the present, Yug asks Radhika that why her past is bothering her and what happened in her past. He decides to find out Radhika’s past. He drops the ice cube and blood drops on ice cube. He tells her that he should know about her past to lead happy life with her. On the other hand, Mohan sees Gungun sleeping. He says that he won’t let anyone and anything hurt Gungun. 

Next day, Radhika asks Manan about Sargam’s sister address. Manan replies to her that he don’t know. Yug asks Radhika that why she want to the address of Mr Trivedi. Meanwhile, Mohan tells Gungun that she has to give chemistry test in the evening so she should study. Gungun asks him that what he know about chemistry. He says that he don’t want to leave Gungun alone.

Meera tells him that Gungun is in her house and this society is safe. She asks him that what he will do if Gungun leaves country for studies then. He tells her that he will go with Gungun wherever Gungun goes. Gungun tells him that Kadambari is sitting in the car and they should not miss the appointment. She asks him that when he is going to register new house. He tells her that it’s tomorrow. He leaves from there with Meera. 

Radhika tells Yug that she want to thank Sargam’s sister. Yug tells her that she is very sweet that’s why she want to thank them personally. He sends address to her. She tells him that she will go to temple too after meeting them. She leaves from there with Manan. Yug says that it was necessary for Radhika to leave the house. Poonam asks him that why he want that when he can’t stay away from Radhika for a second too. 

Gungun says that she won’t let Mohan meet Radhika. She adds that Radhika is happy in her life after ruining her and Mohan’s life. She cries. Radhika comes there with Manan. Gungun gets shocked seeing Radhika there. Radhika tells Gungun that she came to talk to the latter’s father. 

Episode ends.