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Episode begins with Chintu’s mother scolds Radhika. She asks Manan that why he pushed Chintu. Manan tells her that he did not pushed Chintu. Radhika tells Chintu’s mother that Manan never pushed anyone till now. She says that she treated Chintu’s injury. Chintu’s mother tells her son that she will take him to the hospital. Yug tells her that Manan has PTSD because of school accident.

Chintu’s mother asks Radhika that why the latter arranged this birthday party when Manan could be dangerous for others. She says that Radhika always gives lecture about upbringing but Radhika did not care about other children safety. She informs them that she will call the police. Everyone gets shocked hearing this.

Mohan comes there and asks Chintu’s mother to call the police. He tells her that he understands her concern. He asks her that whether she asked Chintu who pushed him. Chintu’s mother tells him that her son said Manan pushed him.

Mohan asks Chintu that whether the latter saw Manan pushing him. Chintu says that it was dark so he did not saw but Manan was standing beside him. Mohan asks Chintu that whether Manan is the latter’s enemy. Chintu says that Manan is his best friend. Mohan says that Manan did not pushed Chintu. He asks Chintu’s mother that how can she even think to call the police for this small matter. He says that they should handle the matter maturely. He adds that kids learns everything from them. Manan tells Chintu that the latter will be fine. He says that he will tell Radhika to make Chintu’s favorite dish tomorrow. Chintu apologises to Manan for blaming him.

Mohan says that Manan is emotional person so this incident won’t be easy for Manan to forget. Chintu’s mother tells Radhika that the latter’s husband made her understand everything. Yug tells Chintu’s mother that he is Radhika’s wife and Mohan is neighbor. Radhika says that they should cut the cake. Garv tells Radhika that cake fell down. Yug thinks that Mohan became hero by giving lecture and he will become hero by ordering cake. He says that he will order the cake. He tells Radhika that cake won’t be delivered within an hour. Mohan says that he will bring cake and leaves from there.

Ketki asks Meera to not do this. Meera says that Mohan will get Radha and that’s enough for her. Sargam tells Mohan that he did not write happy birthday Manan in the cake. Mohan writes it.

Gungun asks Manan that what mask the latter saw. Manan says that he saw hoodie man mask. He adds that he felt like someone snatched the mask from him. Gungun thinks that mask must be in the house. She decides to find the mask. And she searches the mask and she is about to see the mask. Yug notices this.

Episode ends.