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Episode begins with Mohan tells Judge that he love Gungun and Radha. Shekhar tells Judge that it has been proved that Radha and Mohan love Gungun so much and even Gungun is happy with them. Namrata’s lawyer says that Mohan and Radha are acting well but court needs proof. Judge tells Damini that she want to know what the latter is thinking about Radha and Mohan’s relationship. Damini goes to the witness box. Radha thinks that Damini don’t want Mohan to get Gungun’s custody and Damini’s statement may ruin everything.

Damini tells Judge that Radha and Mohan love each other so much so Gungun won’t get a better parents than them. She thinks that she can’t tell the truth. Namrata tells Judge that she want to say something. Gungun pleads her to let her stay with Radha and Mohan. Namrata comes to the witness box. She tells Judge that Trivedi family members are liars and selfish people. Damini thinks that Namrata won’t let Mohan win the custody case.

Namrata tells Judge that God saved Trivedi family by sending Radha to their house. She says that she had witnessed Radha and Gungun’s bond so she know Gungun won’t get a better mother than Radha. She tells Judge that Gungun will be safe and happy until Radha is in Trivedi house. Kaveri tells Damini that Namrata changed completely. Tulsi’s spirit says that she know Radha will change Namrata. Judge gives Gungun’s custody to Mohan and Radha. Mohan thanks Shekhar. He tells Radha that it’s time to pack her luggage. Damini gets happy hearing him.

Judge says that she will review this custody petition after 6 months so Radha and Mohan has to prove that they are good parents to Gungun. She adds that if Radha and Mohan failed then Namrata will get Gungun’s custody. Radha thanks God.

Outside the house, Radha tells Tulsi’s spirit that they got Gungun. She says that they have to expose Damini within 6 months and she has to win everyone’s trust again. Tulsi’s spirit tells Radha that the latter has to win Mohan’s heart too. Radha says that only God knows Mohan is in her destiny or not. She asks her that who killed the latter. She leaves from there when Gungun called her. Someone looks at Trivedi house.

Kadambari gets shocked seeing neighbor ladies in the house. Neighbor ladies says that they came to congratulate for Mohan’s marriage. They talks about muh dikhayi ritual of Mohan’s wife and they notices Damini. They says that Damini don’t look like a newly wed. Kadambari tells them that muh dikhayi ritual will happen after 2 hours. They leaves from there.

Damini tells Kadambari that only she is suffering. Mohan comes there and asks her that what happened. She tells him about muh dikhayi ritual. Mohan tells Kadambari that he has to tolerate Radha for 6 months. He says that nothing can change that Radha is betrayer so he will throw her out of the house after 6 months.

Episode ends.