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Episode begins with Yug gets in the jeep with Radhika. Poonam tells Yug that they will come in the car. Yug tells her that no need of that. He asks her to not tell about it to Manan and take care of Manan. She nods at him. Gungun hope Mohan don’t see Radhika. Yug asks Mohan to drive fast. He tells Radhika that nothing will happen to her. Gungun thinks that Radha became Radhika now. She recalls that how Manan said Radhika is his mother. She thinks that Radha forgot them and moved on in her life easily. She decides to not recognize Radhika. She hope nothing happens to Radhika because Radhika is in this cond ition because of her mistake.

Mohan asks her to not worry because Radhika will be fine. Gungun thinks that till now Mohan is sad because Radha left them but he can’t handle it he if got to know that Radha married someone else then. Radhika puts her hand on Mohan when jeep jerks. Mohan feels Radha’s presence. He recalls the moments he spent with Radha and he stops the jeep. He wonders why he is feeling Radha’s presence whenever Radhika is with him.

Yug asks Mohan that why the latter stopped. He requests Mohan to drive fast. Mohan drives jeep and reaches the city hospital. Gungun thinks that she should not let Mohan see Radhika’s face. Mohan moves towards Radhika. Gungun pretends like she twisted her leg. Mohan goes to Gungun. Yug takes Radhika inside the hospital.

Poonam lies to Yug that Radhika and Yug went to play Holi with their friends. Manan gets sad that his parents did not take him with them. Ketki convinces Manan. She sends Manan and Sargam to play with each other. Poonam tells thanks to Ketki. Ketki tells Poonam that Manan will be busy and she will take care of Manan.

In the hospital, Gungun notices Radhika’s dupatta got removed. She tells Mohan that they should go home. Yug takes Radhika inside the room. Gungun gets relieved seeing this. Mohan asks Gungun that how can they leave when Yug is in problem. He says that Yug’s family is their neighbors so he won’t go anywhere until Radhika becomes fine and goes inside. Gungun says that she can’t help Radha because Radha left them without caring about them. She adds that they don’t have any relation with Radhika.

Poonam tells Security guard to collect all the CCTV footages. Meera tells her that they should handover the culprit to police. Poonam murmurs that Yug will kill the culprit.

Doctor tells Yug that Radhika is fine and she will regain consciousness soon. Yug gets relieved hearing this. Mohan wonders who is responsible for the accident. Gungun tells him that car hit Radhika. Yug asks Gungun about car. Gungun lies that she could not see because it was coloured. Yug tells Mohan that he won’t spare the culprit. Gungun tells Mohan that she is tired and Radhika is fine so they should go home. Yug tells thanks to Mohan for everything. Mohan tells Yug that CCTV camera would have captured everything so they can catch the culprit.

Episode ends.