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Episode begins with Yug asks Radhika that what was she doing outside the house at this time. Radhika tells him that she went lock the main gate and goes inside. He wonders why Radhika lied to him. He decides to find out what’s going on in between Radhika and Mohan. Mask falls from his bag but he goes inside without seeing it.

On the other hand, Gungun tells Mohan that she did not went to Yug’s house to meet Manan. She says that she think Yug is involved in Manan’s accident. He tells her that Yug is short tempered but Yug is really good person. He says that they can’t ruin Yug’s image just to bring Radha in their life. He refuses to listen a word against Yug and goes inside. She decides to talk to Mohan with proofs. She thinks that no one can stop her parents reunion once she exposes Yug.

Yug wonders whether Radhika is hiding something from him. He understands that there is a past connection between Radhika and Mohan and he decides to find out about it.

Next day, Radhika wakes Manan up. She wishes happy birthday to him. Others also wishes happy birthday to Manan. Manan gets scared hearing noise. Radhika consoles Manan. She tells him that they will celebrate his birthday. He tells her that he is scared so he don’t want any celebration. She assures him that she is with him. She tells him that Lord Krishna will fill the latter’s life with happiness. She asks him to invite his friends to the party. He tells her that he will invite Mohan first. Pari agrees with Manan.

Radhika says that no need to invite Mohan to the party because he is an adult. Manan says that he want to invite Sargam and Gungun. Radhika tells Manan to invite his friends only. She says that Mohan’s family is new to them and says they should not trust anyone easily. She asks him to get ready to go for shopping. Yug thinks that it’s really confusing because yesterday Radhika defended Mohan and today she don’t want to invite Mohan to the family.

Mohan tries to see what’s happening in Yug’s house through binoculars. Kadambari sees this and gets worried that Mohan may bring Radha to house soon. She notices biscuits and eats it. Gungun notices biscuits are missing and she wonders who ate the biscuits. She looks at Kadambari. Kadambari gets scared seeing Gungun. Gungun sees Sargam. She assumes that Sargam would have ate the biscuits.

Gungun goes to Mohan and asks him that what is he doing. She says that Manan is not safe with Yug. Mohan tells her that Yug is good person. He says that he want to know what’s happening in Yug’s house.

Yug asks Radhika that why she refused to invite Trivedis. Radhika tells him that she don’t like Trivedis. She says that Mohan is vacating the house.

Episode ends.