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Episode begins with Mohan tells Kadambari that he can’t throw Radha out of the house now that’s not mean Radha is his wife. Kadambari tells him that he can do whatever he wants to do but everyone will get to know that his marriage happened with Radha. She says that she has witnessed all the drama in Mohan’s marriage and she can’t see anything new. She informs him that Radha is Trivedi’s daughter in law so post marriage rituals will happen. She reminds him that Judge suspect his marriage so he should not say anything. She warns Damini to not say anything. She tells Radha to behave like daughter in law of Trivedi for the next 6 months. She asks her to get ready for ‘muh dikhai’ ritual.

Damini tells Kaveri that Kadambari was never on their side. She reminds her that Kadambari wanted Radha as Mohan’s wife. Kaveri tells her that Radha is winning. Damini tells her that she will snatch Radha’s dream and she calls someone.

Kadambari gives jewels to Radha. Radha thanks her for supporting her. Kadambari tells her that she is not with her and she did not forget her betrayal. She warns her to not do something which can ruin this family’s reputation. Radha promises to her that she won’t disappoint her and she will fulfill all of her responsibilities. She says that she want to call Kadambari as Maa. Kadambari tells her to get ready. She thinks that Radha has proved that she is good mother to Gungun but she has to prove that she is good daughter in law of Trivedis.

Guests waits for Mohan’s wife. Damini comes there. They asks her that why the latter did not get ready. Kadambari brings Radha there. Damini thinks that no one will forget Radha’s ‘muh dikhai’. Few ladies comes there wearing black outfit. Damini tells Kaveri that real drama will begin now. Everyone gets shocked seeing them.

Ketki asks Ajeet about those ladies. Ajeet tells her that they comes to cry after the death of the person. Rahul asks him that what are they doing in their house. Those ladies keeps Radha’s photo frame on the chair and put garland on it. Tulsi’s spirit asks them that what are they doing. Those ladies starts crying. They says that Radha died at such a young age. Kadambari asks them to stop it. Damini laughs. Tulsi’s spirit notices that and understands that Damini is behind this.

Radha tells Kadambari that everyone should know how low Damini can stoop so the latter should not stop those ladies. Kaveri also starts crying with those ladies. Kadambari scolds Radha. Radha tells her that she is waiting for Mohan because she know he can’t see this happening with her. Mohan comes there and asks them that what’s happening there. Radha tells herself that she know Mohan can’t see this drama of her death.

Episode ends.