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Episode begins with Gungun tells Mohan that he is not allowed to enter her room. She tells him that their friendship is over because he is going to marry Damini today. Mohan asks her to not say like that. She tells him that he don’t care about her and Radha’s happiness. He asks her about the connection between his marriage and Radha’s happiness. She tells him that he won’t understand and asks him to go. She says that Mohan is bringing mother for her but he don’t care about her choice. He says that he want to talk to Radha. She tells him that Radha is sleeping and closes the door. Tulsi’s spirit wonders that why Radha is sleeping like this. She asks Radha to wake up. Mohan knocks the door. Gungun refuses to open the door. She asks Radha that if the latter will wake up once everything gets over.

Meanwhile, Damini gets ready. She says that Mohan belongs to her only after today. Kaveri compliments Damini. She says that Damini’s face is glowing. She adds that Radha won’t become hurdle for this marriage. Damini says that now it’s Tulsi’s turn. She adds that even Tulsi can’t do anything if Mohan tied kangan dora on her hand then.

Mohan tells himself that today his bond with Tulsi is going to end. Ketki and Ajeet talks that only Radha can become good mother to Gungun. Ajeet says that Mohan want to marry Damini for Gungun’s custody so they can’t do anything. Everyone hears music sound. Rahul, Kaveri and Dulari dances. Kadambari smiles seeing them. She asks Ketki to dance. Ketki tells her mother to tell Damini to dance because Damini is the person who is happy today.

Mohan gets angry hearing music. Gungun asks Radha to wake up. She says that she is scared now. Tulsi’s spirit says that she can’t do anything before Gungun. She wonders that why Radha is not waking up. Damini comes to the hall. She joins others and dances with them. Kadambari asks Mohan to come to the hall.

Gungun understands that something happened to Radha. She leaves the room to call everyone. Tulsi’s spirit uses her power and pours water on Radha’s face. She asks God to do something. Radha gets up. Tulsi’s spirit hugs her. Radha feels that and gets scared. Gungun returns and hugs Radha. Radha tells her that she is fine. She realises that she did not tell the truth to Mohan yet. She thanks Gungun for pouring water on her face. Gungun tells her that she did not do anything. Radha wonders that who is behind that. Gungun and Radha leaves the room.

Kangan dora ritual begins. Mohan thinks that Radha is not with him on his important day. He recalls the moments he shared with Radha. Priest asks Mohan and Damini to tie kangan dora on each other’s hands. Damini recalls Guru maa’s words. Radha and Gungun sees everything from upstairs.

Episode ends.