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Episode begins with Tulsi prepares everything to go for school trip. Kaveri murmurs that she is going to get rid of Radha and Gungun. Mohan asks Kadambari to pack everything for Radha. Kadambari tells him that she never thought Radha will end up like this. Mohan tells her that Radha will return after becoming fine. Gungun comes there. Ajeet asks Gungun to enjoy the trip. Gungun asks them about Vishwanath and Rahul. Mohan tells her that they went out for a work. He says that he is glad Gungun won’t be in the house today. He tells thanks to Tulsi for going with Gungun.

Tulsi tells him that Gungun is her daughter too. She assures him that she will take care of Gungun. Ajeet tells them that bus has been arrived. Gungun says that she want to meet Radha. Tulsi reminds Gungun that the latter is angry at Radha. Ajeet tells Gungun that Radha is in the guest room.

Mohan tells Gungun to not meet Radha. Gungun tells him that she want to say bye to Radha. She goes to guest room and opens the window. She says that she is leaving for school trip. Radha holds Gungun’s hand and says that she won’t leave the latter’s hand. Gungun screams for help. Everyone goes there. Mohan asks Radha to leave Gungun’s hand. Radha tells him that Tulsi will kill Gungun. Kaveri says that Radha is mad. Tulsi bites Radha’s hand.

Kadambari asks Mohan to save Gungun from Radha. Radha leaves Gungun’s hand. Mohan hugs Gungun. Everyone leaves from there. Radha asks Mohan to not let Gungun go to school trip. She says that they will lose Gungun permanently if Gungun went to school trip then. Mohan asks Gungun to enjoy the trip. Tulsi and Gungun gets in the bus. Kadambari tells Gungun to take care of herself. She murmurs Gungun to not return. She tells Kaveri that it’s Radha’s turn.

Mental asylum people comes there. Mohan asks Doctor to take care of Radha. Radha asks herself that whether Mohan is sending her to mental asylum. She says that she don’t want to go to mental asylum. Nurses drags Radha from there. Radha asks them to leave her. She hugs Mohan and tells him that she don’t want to go. She asks him to not send Gungun with Tulsi. Nurses takes Radha from there ( Title song plays in the background ). Radha falls down.

Mohan is about to go to Radha but Kadambari stops him. Kadambari tells Mohan to it will be difficult for Radha to go if he went near Radha then. Radha tells Mohan that she is ready to die but he should not send Gungun to school trip. Mental asylum people takes Radha from there. Mohan cries. Ketki is about to go to Mohan but Kadambari stops the former. Kadambari says that Mohan has to live with this pain forever. Ketki goes inside. Kadambari says that today Mohan cried for Radha and tomorrow Mohan has to cry for Gungun.

Episode ends.