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Episode begins with Mohan tells Radha that they will start fresh for Gungun. Few minutes back, Damini tells Radha that she will make her cry and leaves from there. Meanwhile, Mohan recalls that how Radha got hurt and how Gungun accused him. He hits his hand on the wall continuesly. Tulsi’s spirit asks him to stop it. He tells Tulsi that he is biggest villian for Gungun due to the latter and Tulsi made him murderer. He says that Radha ruined his and Gungun’s relationship. He asks her that what wrong he did. He says that he become murderer for Gungun again due to Radha so he won’t forgive her. Tulsi’s spirit says that she thought Radha will win Mohan’s heart but their relationship getting ruined.

On the other hand, Radha asks Gungun to apologize to Mohan. Gungun tells her that the latter is good person that’s why she is saying like this. She says that she think her uncle was right about Mohan. Radha tells her that she won’t leave her. And asks her to not trust her uncle. She assures her that Mohan won’t hurt her. She tells her to take rest. She sings a lullaby for Gungun and the latter falls asleep. She asks Tulsi’s spirit to stay with Gungun and leaves the room.

Kaveri tells Damini that they did nothing still Mohan and Radha fought. Damini tells her that Radha won’t open the locker now due to this fight. But she has to take the proof from locker before Radha opens it. She decides to execute the plan at night. Stranger overhears their conversation.

Radha feels bad seeing Mohan. She recalls that how he lashed out at her. She notices blood on wall and then his injured hand. She tells him that he is bleeding. Mohan tells her that she is responsible for everything so he won’t forgive her. And he asks her to leave from there. She tells him that she won’t leave without treating his injury. He tells her that he can take care of himself. She says that if Gungun saw them fighting then the situation will get worse. And if he wants that then he can scream but she won’t leave. She tells him that his action won’t solve the problem and he treats his injury.

She tells him that it’s a fight between them and Gungun has nothing to do with it. She says that Gungun also want her parents to stay together like normal couple but she is witnessing their fight. She adds that she know they are in difficult situation but they should not involve Gungun in this. He asks her that where is she going. She tells him that she will sleep in Gungun’s room today.

Damini overhears their conversation. She thinks that she can steal the locker key from Radha easily. Mohan tells Radha that she can’t leave and they will start fresh. Damini gets shocked hearing him.

Episode ends.