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Episode begins with Yug tells himself that he has to stop Gungun from telling the truth to Radhika. He finds Gungun. But Gungun pushes him and runs from there. Yug chases Gungun.

Mohan gets ready to give haircut to Manan. Manan tells Mohan that he goes with Radhika for haircut always. Mohan tells Manan that the latter is with his father this time. He says that he will give hero haircut to Manan. He gives new haircut to Manan. Manan likes his new haircut. Radhika comes there. She scolds Manan for leaving the house without informing her.

Manan tells Radhika that Mohan said they will surprise her. Radhika says that it’s shock, not surprise. She tells Manan that this haircut is bad. Manan tells her that this is new trend. He says that Radhika is old. Mohan says that Manan became cool. Radhika warns Mohan to stay away from her and Manan. She tells him to spend time in searching new house. She takes Manan from there.

Poonam gets worried about Manan. She wonders whether Yug is behind Manan’s disappearance. She decides to call Yug.

Gungun reaches the house and collides with Radhika. Radhika takes Gungun inside. Yug sees this and gets worried. Radhika gives water to Gungun. She asks Gungun that what happened. She notices Champi. Gungun tells Radhika that Yug is not good person. Radhika gets shocked hearing this. Gungun tells everything to Radhika. Yug overhears their conversation.

Gungun reveals that Yug tried to kill her. Radhika turns around and sees Yug. She tells Gungun that she know why the latter is saying like this. She says that Mohan would have wrote this story. Gungun gets shocked hearing this. Radhika warns Gungun to not utter a word against Yug. Yug gets happy hearing this. Gungun says that she has proof to prove her claim. She shows the mask to Radhika and says that Yug tried to burn this mask. Radhika says that it’s Gungun who burnt this mask. She shows the video to Gungun. She reveals that Yug showed this video to her yesterday. Yug recalls that how he recorded this.

Radhika says that there is a possibility that Gungun brought the mask to this house. Gungun asks why she will do that. She says that she has one more proof to prove her claims. She adds that Yug has black bag and there is knife inside. Yug says that Gungun gave him that bag.

Radhika shows the bag and asks Gungun whether the latter is talking about this bag. Gungun nods at Radhika. Radhika says that this is Yug’s gym bag. Gungun gets shocked hearing this. She says that she saw Champi’s bite mark in Yug’s leg. Yug accepts that there is Champi’s bite mark. He says that Champi bite him today on Gungun’s behest. Radhika gets worried seeing Yug’s bite mark. Yug says that he is not understanding why Gungun is accusing him like this. On the other hand, Mohan takes Manan’s hair strand and smiles.

Episode ends.