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Episode begins with Radhika misunderstands that Mohan kidnapped Manan and Sargam. She throw coconut Mohan’s head. Mohan loses his consciousness. Radhika drags Manan and scolds him for going with kidnapper. Manan tells her that that’s his classmate Sargam’s uncle. He says that uncle was taking him to her. Radhika realises her mistake and she decides to apologize to Mohan. Sargam notices Meera and calls her. Meera goes to Mohan and asks him to open his eyes. She asks who did this.

On the other hand, Yug tells Rameshwar and Dadi that no one is in the house except them. He asks them about Radhika’s first love. Rameshwar and Dadi gets shocked hearing this. Dadi asks Yug that why he want to know about Radhika’s past now. She says that Yug should ask Radhika if he want to know the past of Radhika then. Yug asks her that why he would want to know Radhika’s past.

Rameshwar says that Yug deserves to know Radhika’s past. He takes Radha’s name. Yug warns Rameshwar to not take that name. He says that Radhika is her real and present identity now. Dadi asks him that why he is questioning them when Radhika is his wife now. Yug talks about cutting watermelon. He says that he will bring watermelon and leaves from there.

Poonam sees everything from outside. She understands that Yug is angry. She calls Radhika and asks her to come house soon. Meanwhile, Mohan regains his family and wonders who throw coconut on his head. He leaves from there with Meera and Sargam.

Yug tells himself that he is normally asking about Radhika and he is doing nothing wrong. He says that Radhika’s family members are behaving like he is asking them about their treasure. He laughs and says that he will change his way of approach to get answers for his questions. He takes the knife and goes to them. Rameshwar and Dadi gets scared seeing the knife. He cut watermelon and juice spills on his face.

Radhika comes there and gets shocked seeing her family there. Yug wipes his face. Radhika hugs Rameshwar and Dadi. She asks them that how they are doing. Manan greets Rameshwar and Dadi then he hugs them. Radhika tells her family that she is happy to see them but they did not call her. Dadi tells Radhika that Yug called them.

Radhika tells Yug that he did not tell her anything. Yug tells her that it was surprise for her. She tells thanks to him for thinking so much about her. He tells her that he don’t have anything else than thinking about her. She asks him that where is Poonam. She says that Poonam called her. Poonam comes there and says that she wanted Radhika to meet her family. Yug tells Poonam that she scared Radhika. He stares Poonam. Poonam gets scared. He murmurs that he won’t stop until he learns about Radhika’s past.

Episode ends.