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Episode begins with Mohan tells Radha that he will respect her and take care of her. He asks her to forgive him for his past actions. He says that they will become good parents to Gungun. Radha hugs him in happiness. Mohan notices Damini and he signals her that Gungun is watching everything. Damini understands that Mohan is pretending in front of Gungun. Gungun smiles seeing her parents hug. She pinches Damini to check it was real or dream. She asks Damini to pack her luggage.

Radha tells Mohan that she is not able to believe he forgave her. She says that she just wants his and God’s support in this world. She adds that she will make everything fine because he is with her now. He notices that Gungun left from there. He pushes Radha and she falls down. He tells her that he won’t support her not even in her dream. He asks her that if she really thought he will forgive her after what she did with him. He says that he will hate her even if he is not in his sense. She gets confused hearing him. Damini enters the room and claps. She tells Radha that it’s not like only the latter can act.

Mohan reveals that Gungun was watching them that’s why he pretended. She asks him that how can he gain Gungun’s love with lie. He reminds her that she also lied. He says that Radha can’t even imagine how much he hate her. He tells her that she will regret for marrying him. He takes the pillow. She tells him that she won’t go anywhere and what Gungun will think. He asks her to stop using Gungun. He tells her that he is going to his wife room. She snatches the pillow from him and tells him that she won’t let him go to Damini’s room. He asks her to stop him if she can then. He warns her to not scream and leaves the room with Damini.

Gungun tells Tulsi that Mohan hugged Radha. Tulsi’s spirit says that it’s hard to believe that. She thinks that something is on Mohan’s mind for sure.

Damini tells Mohan that she will handle Kaveri. Mohan tells her that he will sleep in guest room. She tells him that Kaveri will sleep in guest room and goes inside. She tells Kaveri to sleep in guest room. Kaveri asks her that how can she sleep in guest room. Damini convinces her to sleep in guest room.

Outside the room, Radha tells Mohan that he can’t enter Damini’s room. She tries to drag him from there. He says that he his wife is waiting for him. He asks Damini that if she is ready for fight night. He enters the room with Damini.

Kaveri tells Radha that Damini won. Radha scolds her for being shameless. Kaveri tells her that the latter snatched Mohan from Damini and leaves from there. Radha tells herself that she won’t spare Damini.

Episode ends.