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Episode begins with Mohan guess that Radha is inside the vent and he tells about it to Kadambari. He enters the vent and assures his family that he is fine. Gungun asks him that if Radha is there. He replies to her that Radha is not there. He notices blood and Radha’s hair there. He says that he will find Radha no matter what. He notices the ventilation fan and thinks that Radha would not have crossed this ventilation fan. He decides to return before vent breaks.

Kaveri asks Damini that where is Radha if she is not in the cold storage and vent then. Mohan falls into the cold storage. He asks cold storage owner that where is Radha. Cold storage owner asks him that what Radha was doing in his cold storage and who will pay for his loss. Mohan is about to beat cold storage owner for talking about loss in that situation. But Kadambari stops him and tells him that they can’t handle another police case. Ketki tells cold storage owner that they will pay for his loss. She asks him that if he saw anything weird.

Tulsi says that maybe Radha is not there. Kaveri tells Damini that she don’t know where is Radha. Damini drops her phone by mistake. She bends to take her phone. She notices Radha and she tells about it to Kaveri. She misunderstands that Radha is dead and she decides to tell about Radha to Mohan.

Mohan apologizes to Radha for suspecting her and not coming on time to save her. Damini notices that Radha’s finger is moving and she tells about it to her mother. Kaveri asks her to do something. Damini tells Kaveri that she will handle everyone and the latter has to handle Tulsi.

Kaveri consoles Gungun. She tells her that they will go outside. Gungun tells her that Radha is there and she will find Radha. Kaveri thinks that she has to change her plan. She gets an idea and takes her phone and goes out. Tulsi sees that. Kaveri pretends like talking on a phone call. Tulsi tells herself that maybe Kaveri know where is Radha.

Damini slips and falls on the floor. Radha holds Damini’s hand. Damini beat Radha’s hand and pushed it. Mohan asks her that what is she doing there. She tells him that she was searches Radha. He tells her that she hate Radha so much and even if she found Radha she won’t tell him. She tells him that she won’t defend herself anymore. Kadambari tells Mohan that finding Radha is their priority.

Kaveri thinks that she is fooling a ghost. Tulsi wonders that with whom Kaveri is talking to. Ajeet tells Mohan that they should search Radha outside cold storage. Cold storage owner tells them that he already said no one is there. Trivedis moves towards there.

Episode ends.