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Episode begins with Ketki asks Mohan that why he is smiling seeing the hair strain. On the other hand, Yug asks Gungun that how can she accuse him in front of Radhika. He asks why he will kill his son. He asks her that this is what Mohan taught her. Gungun pushes him and warns him to not utter a word against Mohan. And she beat him up.

Radhika drags Gungun and asks whether the latter became mad. She says that Yug is her husband and Manan’s father. She tells Gungun that the latter crossed all the limits today. She orders Gungun to leave from there. Gungun cries. She says that Yug is lying.  Radhika says that Gungun is lying. She  tells Gungun to leave from there before she says anything. 

Manan comes there and gets happy seeing Champi. He asks Gungun that whether she brought Champi. Gungun tells Manan that Champi will protect him. She calls him as brother. Yug tells Gungun that Manan is not her brother. He says that Manan is his son and DNA test will prove that.

Radhika recalls that how Mohan cut Manan’s hair. She wonders whether Mohan did that for DNA test. Gungun leaves from there. Yug asks Radhika that whether she is fine. Radhika nods at him. He asks her that how she know Gungun used to lie in the past. She tells him that she will give answer later and leaves from there. 

Gungun cries hugging Mohan. Mohan tells her that her mother scolded her so it’s fine. He says that he already told her to not badmouth about Yug. Radhika comes there and asks Mohan that why he cut Manan’s hair. Mohan tells her that she is smart. He says that report will come. She asks her that how can he do that. He tells her that he can do anything prove Manan is his son. 

Yug calls Dadi and asks her to tell about Radhika and Mohan’s connection. Dadi asks him that what she can say in this. She tells him to question Radhika. He threatens her. She asks him to not dig the past. She says that she don’t want to talk about it and disconnects the call. She tells Lord Krishna that Radhika’s truth should not come in front of Yug. 

Radhika asks Mohan that why he did that. Mohan asks her to unpack because she can’t go to Barsana. He receives DNA test report. He shows his phone to her and asks her to see it. She notices that DNA test report is negative. She sees Poonam and understands everything. She tells Mohan that report is negative. He gets shocked seeing the report. 

Poonam recalls that how she saw Mohan giving samples for DNA test to lab technician and how she exchanged the samples by bribing lab technician. Mohan says that this is not possible. Radhika tells him that he did not trust her like always. He says that this is not truth. 

Episode ends.