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Episode begins with Radhika tells Mohan that the truth is in front of him. Mohan tells her that it’s not truth. She asks him that whether he thought she will live in his memories when he broke her heart. She reminds him that he was about to slap her and he decided to send her to mental asylum. She tells him that he is self obsessed person that’s he thinks she loves him still. She says that Mohan’s ego is not letting him accept she moved on in her life with Yug.

She tauntingly asks him that why she can’t love someone else. She adds that there is nothing special in Mohan. She asks him to not forget that she don’t love him. She says that she loves Yug and their son is Manan. Shyug warns him to not try to ruin her family. She tells him to sell the house and leave from the city. She leaves from there. Poonam overhears everything. Mohan asks himself that whether Manan is not his son.

Radhika enters her room. She recalls that how she scolded Gungun for accusing Yug. She cries. Then she recalls that how she lashed out at Mohan. She apologises to Mohan for lying to him. She says that she can’t move on in her life because she loves Mohan. Poonam comes there. Radhika hugs Poonam and tells thanks to the latter. She asks Poonam that how the latter did all this. Poonam tells Radhika everything. Radhika tells Poonam that Yug suspects her and Mohan. Yug comes there.

Mohan cries. Ketki asks him that what happened. He tells her that Manan is not his son. He says that Radha moved on in her life. Meanwhile, Poonam tells Radhika that Yug should not know about this never. Yug asks what he should not know about. Radhika and Poonam gets shocked seeing Yug there. They hears a noise.

Outside the house, drunk Mohan dances. Ketki and Gungun asks Mohan to stop. Mohan asks Ajeet to dance with him. Ketki asks Mohan to not do drama. Mohan says that he is ready to die. Kohlis comes there. Mohan hugs Yug. He looks at Radhika. Yug asks Mohan that what happened. Mohan tells Yug that the latter wanted to know about his past and his wife. He says that he will tell everything to Yug today.

Radhika gets scared hearing this. She asks Gungun to take Mohan inside. Mohan says that he won’t go anywhere and he don’t have any place to go. Poonam tells Mohan to go inside because he is not fine. Mohan tells her that he is totally fine. He says that he feel like he is flying because he is drunk. Yug asks Mohan that what the latter want to tell about his wife. Mohan tells Yug that he fell in love with beautiful girl and they got married. Radhika thinks that everything will be ruined if Mohan took her name then. She hope Mohan don’t take her name.

Episode ends.