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Episode begins with Radha says that she changed the name by mistake. Damini scolds her. She asks her that if the latter thought Mohan will decide to marry her seeing her name on the card. Mohan asks her to stop it. He says that Radha is innocent. Radha is about to say something but Mohan stops her. Kadambari asks Mohan that who changed the name if it’s not Radha then. Mohan looks at Gungun. Gungun hides behind Radha. Mohan asks Gungun to come out. He scolds her for changing the name. Tulsi’s mother Namrata comes there and she scolds Mohan for yelling at Gungun. Mohan tries to take her blessings but she back off. She tells him that he don’t have any rights to take her blessings.

She tells her lawyer that Gungun is not safe in this house. She asks Kadambari that why the latter was silent. Radha tells her that the latter misunderstood everything. Namrata tells her that Mohan would have slapped Gungun if she did not come then. Radha tells her that Mohan would not do that in his dreams too. She says that Mohan love Gungun so much. She adds that Mohan was just teaching the right thing to Gungun. Namrata says that Mohan is her daughter’s killer. She says that even Gungun calls Mohan with his name. Tulsi’s spirit tells Namrata that Mohan and Gungun’s relationship changed after Radha’s arrival.

Radha tells Namrata that Gungun love Mohan so much. Namrata asks her to stop lying. She says that Gungun would not have fell into the borehole if they took care of Gungun then. Mohan tells her that, that was an accident. She says that she lost her daughter and now she can’t lose her granddaughter. She says that she is asking for Gungun’s custody from court. Everyone gets shocked hearing her. She says that she don’t think Gungun is safe in this house so Gungun will stay with her.

Mohan asks her that what is she saying. Kadambari tells Namrata that Gungun is safe in this house. Radha says that Gungun is living happily in this house. She says that everyone takes care of Gungun very well. Gungun nods. Radha says that Mohan can’t live without Gungun. She says that Gungun is ‘jaan’ of this house. She adds that this family gave everything to Gungun. Namrata asks her that if this family gave mother to Gungun. Tulsi’s spirit tells her that Radha is Gungun’s mother.

Damini tells Namrata that she is Gungun’s mother. Gungun tells her that the latter is not her mother. Namrata says that even Gungun knows Damini don’t deserve to become Gungun’s mother. She says that Damini always tried to break Mohan and Tulsi’s relationship.

Mohan tells her that Gungun is safe and happy with him. He asks her to leave from there. He says that he can’t live without Gungun. Namrata gives court papers to him. She says that she filed a case for Gungun’s custody in the court. She asks Gungun to not get scared. She tells her that she will take her with her. She places a kiss on her forehead. Mohan tells Gungun that he won’t let anyone take her from this house. Gungun hugs Radha.

Episode ends.