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Episode begins with Gungun asks Mohan that why Radhika sent flowers for him. Mohan tells Gungun that Radhika will be their neighbor so they should not talk about her like that. She tells him that they won’t buy Yug’s house. He tells her that tomorrow it’s registration. She tells him that she don’t like that house and this city. He tells her that it won’t be good to back off after giving commitment. She tells him that he don’t have rights to talk about it. He says that he don’t want to discuss in this matter. He orders her to go to her room. She tells him that he yelled at her because of Radhika and he will change more in the future. She runs inside. He asks what happened to Gungun suddenly.

Meera tells Mohan that Gungun loves him so much and Gungun lost so much and can’t afford to lose him. She says that Mohan is Gungun’s most precious thing. She asks him to change his decision for Gungun’s sake. Mohan tells her that he can’t fulfill all demands of Gungun. He says that tomorrow registration will happen and he will tell thanks to Radhika for bouquet.

On the other hand, Dadi asks Radhika that whether the latter is happy with Yug. Radhika tells Dadi that she is so happy and Yug fulfills all of her wishes. She says that she won’t get a better life partner than Yug. Dadi is about to talk about past. But Radhika stops Dadi and says that she don’t want to talk about past. She tells Dadi that she want to live in present. She asks why she will think about past when she has Yug and Manan.

Yug comes there and takes his phone from Radhika. He leaves from there. Dadi asks Radhika that whether Yug eavesdropping them. Radhika asks Dadi that Yug trust her so much. Meanwhile, Gungun cries recalling that how Mohan yelled at her. She says that she has to protect Mohan from Radha. She adds that she can’t let Radha hurt Mohan again. She falls asleep. Mohan places a kiss on Gungun’s forehead.

Yug recalls that how he put his phone on Dadi’s room deliberately. He hears voice note and learns that Radhika want to live with him and she don’t want to talk about past. He says that Radhika loves him like how he loves her. He laughs and dances with Radhika’s night dress. He says that Radhika just belongs to him. He tells her that he loves her.

Radhika sees this and calls him. He runs to her and hugs her. She asks him that what was he doing. He tells her that he wanted to dance with her but she was busy so he danced with her dress. She tells him that he is mad. He tells her that he is mad for her. He dances with her. Dadi sees this. Poonam also sees this. She tells Dadi that Radhika is Yug’s life and Radhika is happy with Yug. Dadi says that she want to go to Barsana. Yug sees Dadi and dances with her. Dadi gets tired. Yug tells her that tomorrow gift is coming for her.

Episode ends.