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Episode begins with Trivedis gets shocked seeing Bhushan and Mohit. Radha asks Bhushan and Mohit that what are they doing there. Mohan tells her that thieves gathered in one place so she need not to get surprised. Kaveri gets happy seeing Bhushan. She tells Trivedis to leave because she has to welcome Bhushan and Mohit. Trivedis leaves the house. Kaveri welcome Bhushan.

Bhushan and Mohit enters the house. Bhushan reminds Mohan that the latter throw him out of the house because of Radha. He says that now he is standing inside the house like king and laughs. Mohan tells him that it’s just a building now so they can play their dirty games and he don’t care about it.

Damini tells Mohan that till now she managed the company. She says that she never saw lazy and jobless person like him. And says Trivedis will stay hungry because of Mohan. Tulsi asks Damini to stop talking nonsense.

Radha asks Damini to stop it. She tells her to stay in her limits. She says that she won’t hear a word against Mohan. And says even Pandavas went for vanvas so they will return to get their house. She adds that she will make sure that Damini gets punished for all the crimes she committed. Damini tells Radha to witness the latter’s destruction. She goes inside and returns with stick. She breaks the name board of Trivedi house. She recalls that how Mohan took responsibility of Radha and how he married Radha. She also recalls that how Mohan choosed Radha over wealth.

Radha tells Mohan that let Damini do whatever she wants to do because one day Damini will pay for her sins. Damini says that this is end of Trivedis. She brings name board of Damini Bhavan and hang it on the wall. She says that from today this house will be called as Damini Bhavan. Radha challenges to return after a month. She says that Mahabharat will happen after a month. She asks her to get ready to face the latter’s destruction.

Damini tells Radha that the latter is overestimating herself. She says that Radha won’t get property no matter what. And says Radha planned to rule Trivedi house but now Radha has to stay on the road. Radha praises Mohan’s skills and she taunts Damini.

Damini says that Radha used to live in poverty so it must be easy for Radha but Trivedis are not like Radha. And says that she is sure Trivedis can’t survive for a day without luxurious life. She adds that Trivedis are beggars now. Mohan tells her that she is not poor because he has his parents and siblings support. Moreover, he has wife and daughter support. He says that his family is his real wealth. He adds that Damini is poor.

Episode ends.