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Episode begins with Gungun gets shocked seeing Radhika in the house. Radhika tells Gungun that she came to talk to the latter’s father. Gungun wonders whether Radhika got to know who is she. Radhika tells Manan to play there. She tries to enter the house. But Gungun stops Radhika and says that can’t allow a stranger inside the house when elders are not in the house. Radhika says that she is not stranger for Gungun. Gungun misunderstands that Radhika is talking about their past. 

On the other hand, Poonam asks Yug that why he sent Radhika out. Yug tells her that someone is coming with answers of his questions. She gets confused hearing him. He says that he is going to learn about Radhika’s past. She tells him that she is scared like seven years back. He reminds her that they decided to not talk about the past. He says that his present life is perfect and it’s useless to talk about past. She tells him that he should not dig into Radhika’s past too. He hears door knocking sound. He tells her that it’s too late. She notices his hand injury and asks him about it. 

Radhika tells Gungun that they know each other very well. Gungun says that she know they are going to be neighbors. Radhika says that Gungun is right. She reveals that she know Gungun caused her accident. She enters the house and feels something. Gungun notices Mohan’s photo and she hides it from Radhika. 

Yug tells Poonam that, what he did yesterday night. Poonam tells him that he should have taken Radhika to guest room or Manan’s room. He tells her that he can’t disturb Radhika’s sleep. He says that it’s just a small wound and opens the door. Poonam says that history is repeating and consequences won’t be good. Yug welcomes Rameshwar and Radhika’s Dadi. Poonam sees this and she wonders why Yug called them. 

Gungun tells Radhika to not waste her time and leave. Radhika scolds Gungun. Gungun gets shocked seeing Radhika speaking English well. Radhika asks Gungun that where the latter’s parents went. Gungun tells her that they went to hospital for her grandma’s checkup. She understands that Radhika did not recognize her. 

Meanwhile, Mohan asks Meera that whether she took Kadambari’s reports. Meera tells him that she forgot it. He tells her that they should go to house now. Kadambari thinks that she won’t recover because of them. 

Radhika tells Gungun to tell everyone the latter caused the accident. She says that yesterday Gungun made 3 mistakes. She adds that they can’t change lie into truth. Gungun says that she know lie won’t turn into truth no matter what. Radhika asks Gungun that how the latter know this. She says that she taught this to her daughter many years back. Gungun gets shocked hearing this.

Episode ends.