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The episode starts with Ravi’s mother telling him that she still can’t believe that he is married now. She still remembers the day when she took him for his admission. He was kidding with his mother. Mandip asked Ravi to go to Kavya’s room. Kavya entered their room crying and complaining about Pratiksha. Kavya said to Mandip that she asked Pratiksha gently to leave and even requested her but she didn’t listen. She sent Ravi to his room to move Pratiksha out of his room. Ravi came to his room and asked him how did she dare to talk to Kavya like that. In reply Pratiksha showed him the video of their marriage. She said that she was tired of trying to make everyone understand and answering peoples questions so now she needed rest. Pratiksha said that it was enough but she would not accept any injustice towards her anymore. Ravi asked Pratiksha to get out of their room holding her hands tight. Pratiksha said that he was hurting her so he left her hands. Pratikaha said to Ravi that she wouldn’t go anywhere and if he kept on disturbing her then she would throw out Ravi also. Ravi took his pillow and went out of the room.

Ravi was acting like a kid and planning to scare and scold Ravi the next morning. But he didn’t know how to do it. Pratiksha returned Ravi his ear plugs and left from the room. After she left, Kavya came into the room and hugged Ravi from behind. Ravi thought it was Pratiksha so he shouted at her and asked her to leave him. When he turned around he saw that it was Kavya so he apologised. Kavya asked him what he was doing there in the guest room and would they now sleep in the guest room. He said that only he would sleep there and not Kavya. So she told her that she was his wife so she was supposed to stay where he stayed. Ravi shouted at her and said that he got married to Kavya only to keep his word and before the marriage he already had a deal with Kavya that they would stay as friends. Kavya said that if she married her to keep his word then why did he marry Pratiksha in reality.

When Kinjal and Parul reached their home, their chachu was tense and asked them where Pratiksha was. She informed them that with the help of the NGO workers and the police, Pratiksha could enter that house. His chachu was happy to listen to this. Hansa is a greedy woman. All she wants is money. She wished that Pratiksha would send some money to their house too. Pratiksha was walking inside his room and thinking that every woman’s first night is so important to her but she was facing so many problems alone and for no reason. She was craving for Ravi’s support. She was very sad for whatever was happening with her.

After the break, Pratiksha was seen talking to herself. She was thinking that whether Ravi loves her or not, she would not leave this house. She wondered that being two different people altogether, why were they matched. She made up her mind that Ravi would have to face the consequences of his deeds. He would have to face the thorns in his road that he chose for himself. The episode ends.

Precap : Kavya would be seen bickering in front of Ravi.

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