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The episode starts with Pratiksha speaking to her family on video call. Ravi and Kavya have an argument. Kavya asks why Ravi does not love her. Kavya says that she has been loving him since her childhood. Ravi asks her to go and sleep in some other room. Kavya questions him about his promises. Ravi says that he always loved Keerti and won’t be able to love anybody else ever. Kavya cries and asks him, “What about the other promises he made to her?” What about keeping his wife happy? She told him that when on the first night of her marriage she was crying then what would be her condition later? Pratiksha and Ravi both try to sleep but can’t. They keep talking to themselves all night and keep on blaming each other. Pratiksha calls him Karwa Karela while Ravi calls her tindi Pratiksha. They both think of teaching each other lessons.

Manvi was happy since finally Kavya got married to Ravi. Suddenly, Kavya starts bickering about Pratiksha. She complains to her mother about Pratiksha. Manvi gives Kavya advice to win Ravi’s heart. She tells her that the path to every man’s heart starts from his gut. Kavya says to her mother that she can barely even cook maggie then how would she cook for Ravi. Pratiksha stays awake all night. Suddenly Ravi knocks on the door of his bedroom. He then jumps on his bed. Pratiksha tells him that this is a double bed so he wouldn’t be allowed to sleep alone. Ravi asks him to sleep on the couch but she sits on his bed and argues with him. Ravi tries to pull her off the bed and move her to the couch. While trying to pull her, he falls on Pratiksha and both of them share a close moment where they stare at each other. Pratiksha says to Ravi that he has gained weight and he must move.

Pratiksha asks Ravi where would Ravi sleep on the bed or on the couch? For some time, Ravi thinks about it and decides to sleep on the same bed with Pratiksha so that Pratiksha doesn’t capture everything that Ravi owns. He asked her to stop calling him his husband. Then he said that he gave her permission to sleep there. He builds a boundary of pillows between them and asks her not to cross the boundary. Pratiksha asks him if snores in his sleep so Ravi pretends to snore for some time. Then both of them fall asleep. Next morning Ravi is seen hugging Pratiksha and sleeping. When Pratiksha opens her eyes, she finds Ravi sleeping close to him and holding Pratiksha. This brings a smile on Pratiksha’s face. The episode ends.

Recap : Kavya and Manvi plan to ruin the halwa made by Pratiksha and win the rasoi ritual.

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