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The episode starts with Pratiksha and Ravi’s quarrel. Pratiksha was trying to touch Ravi but he was moving away whenever Pratiksha was coming close to him. When Pratiksha asked him how was the taste of the halwa that she made for him, he closed his eyes and thought of the halwa. Then unknowingly he uttered in a low voice that the halwa was amazing. It was so good that his belly was full but still he wanted to have more of it. When Pratiksha came and stood in front of her, he said that it tasted so bad that he felt pukish. He said it was the worst halwa he had in his life. Pratiksha understood that he liked the halwa but didn’t want to let her know. So she asked Ravi to love her back if he was having feelings for her.

Later Ravi asked Pratiksha to come close to him and sit since he had something to tell her. Then he gently caressed her face and told her that sometimes he feels like he is developing feelings for her and that she can never do anything wrong or bad to him or his family. Then he told her that now that they were married and Pratiksha had become his better half now, he would do everything possible for Pratiksha that a husband does for his wife. He also said to Pratiksha that he also wanted his rights as a husband. He asked her if she would give her the things that he deserved as a husband. After sometime, Ravi laughed and said to Pratiksha that he had been faking it all this time to take revenge from Pratiksha and had no feelings for her.

Pratiksha’s chachu was in tension so she wasn’t having the fruits kept in front of her. His wife Hansa assured him that Pratiksha must be totally okay at the Randhawa’s house. She told him that Pratiksha would make the Randhawa’s her own very soon. Hansa was complaining to his husband that when Pratiksha and her sisters weren’t here, he used to bring gajra for him, share time with her and spend romantic time with her but now he spends all his time looking after Pratiksha and her sisters.

Parul and Kinjal entered the Randhawa house and were walking towards Pratiksha’s room but Mandip started taunting them. She told them that they don’t have any right to come to their place. Pratiksha arrived there and told Mandip that since she was Ravi’s wife her sisters could come here anytime. Dadi arrived there and said that the sisters could come there any time. Dadi gave a warm welcome to Parul and Kinjal. Mandip shouted saying that it was her house, when Dadi also raised her voice and said firmly to Mandip that it was also her house and she could decide who would come to their house. Dadi and Mandip had a fight. Pratiksha thanked dadi for being on her side. She asked Parul and Kinjal to bring refreshments for everybody.

Kavya was bickering in her room alone about Pratiksha when she arrived at her door and made Kavya even more angry. She told Kavya that the whole universe was with Pratiksha and it wanted Ravi and her to be together so it would be better if Kavya stopped interfering in their lives. She asked Kavya to do whatever she wanted but she would fulfil her responsibilities as a wife for sure and no one would be able to stop her. The episode ends.

Precap : Mandip buys tickets for Ravi and Kavya’s honeymoon.

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